Mumbai, 20th November 2021 - Just one day has passed and the audience has gone speechless and when the word speechless is used, it means ‘paisa vasool’. The Humble Motion Pictures presentation ‘Warning’ is already breaking all the records, whether it is about acting or music. The actors in the film Prince K.J. Singh, Dheeraj Kumar, co-starring actor-producer Gippy Grewal, have definitely revolutionised the level of acting.

The movie is a bombshell of one twist following the other with every passing scene. It totally has a different concept, moreover, it is hard to differentiate who the real hero or the real villain is, which is yet another reason that urges you to watch the film.

It will not be wrong to say that the Punjabi Film Industry has adjoined this film in the list of the blockbuster hits like many others. The hard work by Amar Hundal in direction of the film is reflected in every bit of the movie. Talking about the music and songs of the film, the background music undoubtedly complements its dialogues. The movie consists of songs sung by Amrit Maan and Jordan Sandhu, that have the best suitable voices that could fit the pace of the movie genre.

‘Warning’ is definitely a MUST WATCH film, and if you are still just thinking about watching the movie and not carrying forward your plan, we guess you will regret it.