MUMBAI,19.11.21-19th November 2021- The upcoming show ‘Tere Dil Vich Rehen De’ revolves around an orthodox mother, who has utmost respect for her values and culture that she refused to accept her own daughter who fell in love with a foreigner and ran away to marry him.There was a time when parents were the sole decision makers for the life of their children, and now the time is so reconditioned that children are set free to make their own choices and are duly respected.

The NRI girl, Sam in the show, comes to Punjab in order to strengthen the weak bond between her mother and grandmother, also, she is willing to bear all the consequences in the process. She sets an example that sometimes youngsters are a medium to fill the gap between the conflicts of the elders. This will flashout the fact that today's generation is not just chilled out and carefree but also sensitive towards their friends and family.

The show is to be telecasted from 22th November 2021, Monday to Friday at 6:30pm, only on Zee Punjabi.