Ludhiana 29 October 2021-Adulteration of milk and milk products particularly milk based sweets is a major issue, especially during festive season. To aware consumers from this menace College of Dairy Science and Technology (CoDST) of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana shared an advisory.

Dr. Ramneek, Dean, CoDST expressed that first and foremost consumers has to be aware about the product that they are consuming. He said that adulteration is like a slow poison, not affecting immediately but long exposure can be hazardous to human health. So, it is very important to stop this vicious cycle of adulteration that is affecting our nation in many aspects.

Dr. Veena N, Assistant Professor, Dairy Chemistry said that consumers should buy the products from food safety and standard Authority of India (FSSAI) registered or licensed manufacturers only and should see that ingredients used in the manufacturing of that product are mentioned. She further emphasized that the consumer should be aware whether the colorants and essence used in manufacturing are of food grade. Similarly, 'Sliver Vark' is used to attract the consumers but the adulteration of it with aluminum is very common. So, consumers should usually avoid the sweets with silver vark or they should check whether the used silver vark is of good quality. Moreover, consumers should also inquire about the manufacturing and expiry date of the product and the storage temperature. Before buying, flavour of the product should also be checked. She advised that consumers should file a complaint if they detect any adulteration or the case of food poisoning on the FSSAI website.

Nevertheless, adulteration can’t be stopped with just consumer awareness. The manufacturer as well as food authorities have also to take certain steps. The manufacturer should know about the food additives and their quantity permitted by FSSAI for the manufacturing of specific products and should not use any inferior quality ingredients just to earn more profit. Producers have to understand the fact that they are also living in the same society and there are chances of them and their family members getting affected. Furthermore, the food safety authorities should intensify the sampling in festive season and action should be taken according to law of land to make a healthy and happy India.