CHANDIGARH,24.08.21-Knees are prone to acute as well as chronic injuries. These vital joints are, in fact,the most overlooked human body part. The slightest injury can have major impact on daily activities. The knees pain could be due to age related arthritis, injury to ligaments, muscles, joint cavity, meniscus or knee capsules which could result in chronic knee pain. This exercise can prevent knee woes. In addition, the muscles are strengthened.

Sit in the base position with legs outstretched and 6-8 inches apart.olace the palms close to buttocks and fingertips pointing away. Lean slightly backward.
Gently contract the muscles surrounding the right knee, drawing the kneecap back towards the thigh.
Hold the contraction for few seconds.
Release the contraction and let the kneecap return to its normal position.
Practice 10 times.
Repeat with the left kneecap 10 times.
Thereafter do it 10 times with both the knees together.
Breathing- Inhale while contracting and exhale while releasing the contraction.
Keep awareness on the contraction and the breath.
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