CHANDIGARH,16.08.21-This is also a part of Shatkarma . This is a process in which a length of cotton thread is passed through nose .

“ After mastering Jal Neti one should attempt Sutra Neti. It should preferably be performed before jal Neti as the later will flush out all the impurities. “
Traditionally, a specially made cotton thread is used which is available with various yoga kendras or even online. For this thread, having width of 4mm and length of 40-45 cms. Several strands are tightly wrapped together and dipped in melted beeswax. Now a days a thin rubber catheter is also used which provides the same benefits.the size of the catheter should be as per individual nasal passage. However, normally, size 4-6 are used.
PROCEDURE :- Take any comfortable sitting, standing or squatting position.Relax the body.
Tilt the head slightly back. Gently and slowly insert the narrow end of the catheter or waxed end of specialty made Neti sutra ( thread) into the nostril which is flowing more freely.
As the thread /catheter is inserted, twist it so that it enters the nostril easily. Always keep the tip pointing downward toward the base of the nose. Never push the catheter straight up as the nasal cavity is behind the nose, not at the top of the nose.
When the thread reaches the back of the throat, insert the index finger and thumb , or the middle finger and the index finger into the mouth.
Pull the catheter or the thread gently and slowly out through the mouth, leaving a few inches of thread hanging out of the nostril.
The action may cause retching at first but becomes easier with practice.
Hold each end of the Sutra/ catheter with the fingers. Very slowly and gently pull it backward and forward upto 10-15 times.
Remove it slowly through the nose .
Repeat it with the opposite nostril.

Do not apply force as the interior of nose is too delicate to tolerate undue force.
Should be performed under the guidance of a trained yoga teacher.
Ensure that the sutra is perfectly clean.
Master jal Neti before attempting sutra Neti.
Those who are suffering from chronic bleeding in the nose should not attempt it.
Those with nasal ulcer, polyps and severe malformation of nasal septum or turbinates should consult doctor before attempting sutra Neti.
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