Early Life of Shreya
Dietitian Shreya’s versatile personality was a childhood trait, getting admission for B.Sc in Home science college Chandigarh, was under sports scholarship which was followed by her internship in the far-famed PGI hospital.

Her smiling persona is indeed a prominent aspect which creates a positive aura around people, and this is one factor that holds the potential of making a huge difference for anyone. An entrepreneurial spirit requires this attitude very much especially to stimulate the growth of a business.

“I never wanted to get dominated by my family, even after marriage in 2006, it didn’t feel right to be dependent. Hence, I chose to start a clinic though my baby girl was still an infant. Of course, certain expectations from the family hindered at first, but women must know whilst respecting the family responsibility, they hold some for themselves as well. There’s no point ignoring your own dreams for the choices you make, even the influenced ones.” Says Dietitian Shreya

Establishing “Dietitian Shreya’s Family Diet Clinic”

Dietitian Shreya speaking of her journey of establishing the chain of her clinics says, “I did a few jobs before establishing my own company; I worked with Fortis Hospital Mohali and in the midday meal services. With my family, I shifted to Delhi, where I got blessed by a baby girl, but there was certain dissatisfaction about things, irrespective of the fact that I didn’t even have enough money to pay the high rents of Chandigarh, I took the risks of driving there with my daughter. My job wasn’t sufficient to pay the bills in Chandigarh, but my husband Sukhpreet supported me throughout.”

“I read this news in some newspaper that Chandigarh stands on Rank 1 in diabetes; it didn’t take long for me to understand that Chandigarh is an untouched market where people are fooled with branded diets which are certainly not effective. My mother invested some money and hence, I was able to start my business though in a small room at first. No advertisements were required, as my results and mouth word spread well. I showed clear results that health ailments can be treated without medications but simply using therapeutic and non-therapeutic treatments efficiently. Now, we have a graph of 256% growth in 8 years of establishment.” She added.

For any entrepreneur to make a business idea work, a coherent strategy is cardinal for which the first step is being efficacious with the work’s results. Taking into consideration what market demands, and what is the current need of people, one fulfils the requirement with his/her own skills. This is what Dietitian Shreya did, with the current circumstances; she acted smartly evaluating the problem that the society was facing whilst believing in her abilities to fix the same.

For Shreya, one of the leading dietitian of the country, even the most grievous diseases can be treated without surgeries or medications. ‘Dietitian Shreya’s Family Diet Clinic’ is a chain of 27 clinics across India and also serving world wide . It is not every day that you come across an ardent personality who is not only an ideal paradigm for all entrepreneurs but also maintains a perfect balance betwixt personal and professional life.

Motherhood brings more responsibility for a woman than anything else can. The difference is carved by those who don’t let life’s phases take over their aspirations. People flung around the word ‘choice’ heedlessly for women who have actually fallen into the trap of fencing their lives as a domestic keeper than achieving their goals. Albeit, nothing could acquire Shreya’s enthusiasm and stop her from pulling off her dreams towards reality.