Ludhiana 01 November 2020-In continuation of webinar series for livestock, poultry and fish farmers, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana conducted two webinars this week. Dr Mandeep Singla, Assistant Professor, Department of Livestock Production Management delivered a talk on Important Breeds of Goats. He emphasized to rear breeds which are naturally adapted to their local region. Nearly 45 breeds of goat exist in India and every breed has specific characteristics which must be looked into to maintain their purity. Assamhill, Barbari, Beetal, Black Bengal, Chegu, Gaddi, Ganjan, Jamnapuri, Malabari, Osmanabadi, Kathiawari and Surti are some of indigenous goat breeds reared in different parts of India. Every breed has its specialty for meat and milk production.

Second webinar was presented by Dr. Rajesh Kasrija. He spoke about repeat breeding menace in cattle. Inbreeding, high rearing intensity, high temperature & humidity, poor feeding, hormone imbalance and faulty insemination techniques are some of the reasons for repeat breeding in cattle. He stressed upon the farmers to maintain records so that past history and previous date of heat is known. He also highlighted the role of semen, its availability and factors associated with its potency. At village level, overuse of single bull can also result in repeat breeding.

Dr. Inderjeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor, GADVASU said that goats are considered as poor man’s cows and their potential must be exploited through their milk quality for providing immunity against deadly diseases. He advised the dairy farmers to maintain hygienic conditions during AI protocols and use sterilized equipments for achieving better conception rate.