NEW DELHI,29.08.20-Namyaa Skin Care, a leading skincare brand in India, has rolled out a new video advertisement to introduce Namyaa Menstrual cups and increase consciousness about menstrual hygiene in India.

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The ad opens with a shot of rural women doing daily wage work and cuts to show the slums where they live in unclean conditions. A shot of school girls returning home follows, where one of them is unhappy as she feels sick because of using unsanitary cloth pad. Her mother is shown stitching these pads at home as they can’t afford to buy costly pads each month. The ad reveals a shocking fact that 88% of women and girls in India are unable to use proper menstrual hygiene products due to the lack of awareness, acceptance and access. They end up using either homemade cloth pads or pricey cotton pads.

The ad questions whether pads are the best solution to the health issues faced by women when it subjects them to further problems like infections, rashes, discomfort and staining? Moreover, disposed pads hurt the environment by giving way to more plastic waste.

Menstrual Cups: The Much-Needed Menstrual Revolution

Namyaa introduces menstrual cups as an economical, environment-friendly, leak-proof, comfortable and hygienic way to deal with periods. While a woman will have to use 1200 pads in 40 years, she can use a single menstrual cup and save herself and the planet a lot of trouble. The ad also guides how to sterilise and use the menstrual cup safely. Namyaa has further started a noble initiate where it will donate menstrual cups to women lacking proper menstrual resources on the sale of each cup.

Karan Gupta, Director at Namyaa, said, “We are deeply aware of the array of problems that lack of menstrual education has been causing among Indian women. Through the ad, we have tried to show that a cotton-stuffed cloth pad that is not meant to be reused can lead to infections that are potentially fatal. Most women use cotton pads as they have been normalised over the years without understanding their health and environmental impacts. Namyaa wants to ignite awareness about our menstrual cup, which is hygienic, reusable, leak-proof, comfortable, economical, all at the same time. ”