CHANDIGARH,22.07.20-The digital boom and cyberculture are increasingly transforming our society's visual sensibility like never before, thereby through the artist's obligation. A ray of hope is boon for us in such a situation. Art has always been a glimmer of hope and has given survival a new vision. Art gives us plenty of opportunities to overcome the obstacles life brings. It offers an alternative way of expressing the complex feelings and thoughts that we retain inside. Today the group of artists want to reach out to the world with the message we can remain connected through art, which is organised by Pracheen Kala Kendra in collaboration with Art Coterie. In a moment where everybody is coping with the pandemic, and if nations are now open, we are all living in constant fear and seeking ways to protect and live. Hope is something, which gives life to any helpless person, a new vision for survival and happiness. This time through art via national online Art Camp and Exhibition from 10.07.2020 to 20.07.2020 curated by Hirdey Kant (Chandigarh) and Manmeet Kaur (Chandigarh), in which 10 prominent national artists, Bharvi Trivedi (Ahmedabad), Indu Tripathy (New Delhi), Kanchan Verma (Chandigarh), Meghansh (Gurgaon), Preeti Mishra (Himachal), Renu Bala (Punjab), Santha KV (Kerala), Shyam Sharma (Ghaziabad), Sonam Jain (New Delhi), and Surpal Singh Slathia (Jammu) took part in an online discussion, and executed art works for the virtual exhibition, which will be online by 21 July. The artist has expressed their inner self, their soul through works of art.

Virtual exhibition is available on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the name of artcoterie1.