Meditation and Introspection By Sonia Mann FROM AMRITSAR-26.05.20

Of late, i have realised through deep meditation and introspection that I should be the only one whom i shall be scared of in this seemingly intimidating and overpowering world

For all insecurities which i see all across happen to actually occur within me only. This is the understanding I have got during my quarantine period

The insecurities which i see around myself are the mere projection of those deep rooted vulnerabilities in my own mind

Having said that, it is very much evident that all the blame games, which we ingeniously play throughout our life span, emerge from our very own insecurities

Which is why, perhaps, it is all the more important to have a look deep inside our own mind to explore the cause and effect of those insecurities

I am sure, with this sort of diagnosis of our thought, we will be able to get to know as to how to treat the very root cause of our doubts, anxieties, worries as well as self-consciousness.

Meditation is the way out, for it hits right at the root cause of all these uncertainties and vulnerabilities in our mind to make us free of unwanted mental hiccups

Better go for meditation, which helps you do a lot of introspection about your own being, each day and every day

Better to kick start ur day with this amazing mental exercise so as to soothe ur mind and purify ur soul