MUMBAI,02=4.04.20-Prof. Dr. Dinesh Gupta's name was recorded in the 30-year-old Limca Book of Records, the same as the Guinness Book of World Records for India.

On April 5 and April 6 of last year, Professor Gupta did 24-hour pencil sketch marathon.

He drew different human faces, nature drawings, object paintings, flowers, objects, memory art, abstract with a 6B pencil on an A3 size drawing paper.

He set the world record at the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Art Gallery in Khadakpada,kalyan. Inaugurated the event at the hands of Bhupendra Singh sir Director-Aryabhata Academy, Chandrasekhar Kishori Lal Gupta, Sunil Rajaram Wayale, corporator, KDMC. The entire program was captured on CCTV and on camera. 
Chief among them – Mayor Hon. Vanita Rane, Hon. Dnyaneshwar Mhatre, former MLA Mr.Prakash Sukhdev Bhoir, Director of Educare learning System Pradip Yadav (Dhruv Sir) and Businessman Shantanu Gupta were present.
Mr. Dinesh Gupta is a motivational speaker, spiritual Corporate Trainer, Mindset coach, author and gold medal mechanical engineer.

The motive behind this record is that every person has HIDDEN talent, whenever he is awakened he can do whatever he intends. The whole world helps him to accomplish his task.

Dinesh Gupta is not an artist, yet he learned the pencil art to set this record. His friend Arjun Machiwale taught him this art in two hours.

He set the record by using his mental powers properly.

Dinesh thanked everyone for their direct and indirect help. He especially thanked the Limca Book of Records.