Chandigarh January 9, 2020
PU VC addresses Chairperson’s meeting
With the aim to enhance National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC)
ratings, which is due in the year 2022, Prof. Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor, Panjab
University, Chandigarh today informed all the Chairpersons in the meeting to be ready
for mock inspection of NAAC from August onwards. Six feedback forms have been sent to
the department to get their inputs. PU VC also urged all departments to work for
curriculum revision and keep in mind inter-disciplinary approach for integration as per
the new Education Policy.
With respect to new courses and additional seats, PU VC asked the departments
to submit the proposals at the earliest to Dean Research. He informed that the
University is exploring the proposal of returning 50% of the fees to the Department for
its development. It was also asked that the information related to grants received and
the achievements of the department be sent timely to Dean Research.
It was further informed that PU has received encouraging response related to
NRI admissions and urged all to work in this direction. PU VC informed that a space of
5000 sq.ft. in Section 25 Campus has been identified for opening of Incubation Centre.
Informing, that PU has a rich heritage and vast potential in all fields, the ideas for
the Start-up Policy will be received and the selected ideas will be given grant of
Rs.1-3 lakh each. He urged to connect all departments through Entrepreneurship and
Skill Development. At least 50% of the classrooms should be Information and
Communication Technology (ICT) equipped. He asked all the departments to compile data
to track about the figures for placement of students, entering Start-ups, students
going for higher studies and also for students doing nothing. It was also informed that
there are 8 parks in the University and the upliftment committee has been formed to
look into beautification of University Campus.
Prof. Karamjeet Singh, Registrar informed that a meeting is conducted every
Friday to review the pendency of cases and he informed that as on date there is no
pendency. Prof. Parvinder Singh, Controller of Examination informed that in order to
make PU as a benchmark University, necessary efforts are being made to issue
degrees/diplomas on the same day of the release of result. He urged the departments to
enrol with National Academic Depository(NAD) in order to start online issue of degrees
for the students of Ph.D from this year.
All senior officials along with the Chairpersons of all the departments were
present in the meeting.
Chandigarh January 9, 2020
Central Placement Cell Launches AVSAR Ii
Training and placement officers meet was organised by the Central Placement
Cell, here today. In this meeting the placement officers of various department of
university were present.
Prof Meena Sharma, Honorary Director, Central Placement Cell acquainted the
members about the activities of the cell. All the Departments were requested to form
their departmental placement teams and these teams will be sensitised about the process
of AVSAR campus placement drive. It was informed that CPC also organises the workshops
for soft skill development and personality development for the students.
Prof Raj Kumar, Vice Chancellor launched the website and official portal AVSAR
2020 which will be organised on 6th and 7th of March, 2020. Industry-Academia meet will
be organised on 19th February inviting various corporate leaders to interact with the
students so that students can better understand corporate expectations.
Dr. Amandeep Singh acquainted the Training and Placement officers with the
features of the job portal and also informed that this placement drive will be managed
through mobile app and students will get real time information on app itself.
PU VC emphasized the members that they should motivate students to make efforts
for the placement themselves under the active mentorship of placement heads of
departments. They will guide the students and handle their grievances. He also said
that their primary motive of the University is to produce good, efficient and ethically
strong human resources. University also aims to develop entrepreneurial skills in
students. He also appreciated the efforts of the placement heads regarding the AVSAR II
campus drive and developing the E-Platform for connecting the students of PU with the
Chandigarh January 9, 2020
Role of Literature During India’s Freedom Struggle is Second To None
Indian Litterateurs hailing from all parts of the country produced their most
powerful compositions creating a strong current of social awakening towards total
freedom from foreign yoke. The role played by our literature during our freedom
struggle is second to none.
Elaborating it further, Prof Ail Javed, From the Urdu Department, Delhi
University said that both Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru utilized this literary
platform to the maximum for enlisting the popular support of all Indians for freedom
Prof. Ali Javed who was invited by the department of Urdu, Panjab University,
for delivering a special lecture on the theme of “LITERATURE AND HUMAN FRIENDSHIP” said
that literature always served as a mirror to the society and where litterateurs are
just like spokespersons of any society. “While going through, the works of Shakespeare
and Gorki one finds a digital view of the society existed during those ages” Prof. Ali
Javed added.
He said that literature had always helped in planting the seeds of patriotism
leading towards freedom and for an insatiable urge for progress of human society as a
Prof. Ali who, himself is associated the “TRAQUEE PASAND TEHREEQ” is of the
opinion that an author like an engineer conceives a model of a society. Which is fully
developed, prosperous and flourishing, and is free from wants and needs. The French
revolution and the Russian revolution transformed both French and Russia with the help
of their respective thinkers, philosophers and litterateurs, who produced splendid
He also referred to the mighty lines produced by Mirza Ghalib, Aatish and Faiz
Ahmad Faiz.
Speaking on the occasion Dr. Ali Abbas, Coordinator of the Department of Urdu, Panjab
University, said that the Indian literature had always led the cause of social
awakening from the front. “ Amir Khnsro, Baba Farid, Guru Nanak, Kabir, Nazir Akbrabadi
and many others always emphasized on equity of mankind, co-existence, mutual
cooperation and tolerance” he added.
Dr. Abbas said that literature is the most powerful and popular means of
communication of building up public opinion for promoting the cause of composite
culture as well as informing the citizens about their rights and duties towards the
Among others, Dr. Madhukar Arya and Dr. Zareen Fatima were also present.
During interaction with Research Scholars and post graduate students of the
Urdu Department, Prof. Ali appreciated their concern over the sad happenings in the
universities where politics has over shadowed the educational atmosphere.

He further added that literature being a friend and a well –wisher of our society shall
be guiding us like a pole star at this crucial Juncture .to sail through this storm.