Chandigarh,16.03.19-‘Sangam’ is truly diversity personified with six youngsters from different parts of the country, got together in 2012 at a Delhi University concert for a charity programme, and discovered synergy in music to stay together.

Sangam today performed at Bhartiya Vidya Bhawan here today, enthralling the discerning audience with Indian classical music to welcome ‘Basant’.

They began with ‘piya sang khelun hori, aeri maai varn varn ke basan pai in Raag Basant with vocals by Dr Avinash and Rindana Rahasya on vocals, with Soumitra on Sitar, Ravinder Rajput on flute, Mahavir on table, and Manohar Balachandirane on mridangam.

The raagmala with 11 Indian ragas was truly enchanging, ending the concert with a bandish on holi, “rangi sari gulabi chunariya’.,

All of them from Delhi University had been performing together with their unique blend of Indian Hindustani and Carnatic music, and continue to explore new avenues within the canvases of gthese rich musical heritages.