CHANDIGARH,13.11.20-Diwali, often referred to as the festival of lights, is perhaps the most exuberant and popular festival to be celebrated not only in India, but in many regions across the globe. At this time, all feuds are forgotten as people are on the zenith of rejoice.

KB DAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7B, Chandigarh left no stone unturned to ensure that the students bask in festivities and yet learn something new.

Inter School Diwali celebrations at the KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector 7B, Chandigarh illuminated everyone’s heart with joy and fervour. The celebrations comprised a bunch of interschool exhilarating activities for the student of Classes VIII - X. The students of Class VIII heralded the festival of lights by exhibiting their culinary skills in the ‘Edible Diya Competition. Children participated with full zeal and enthusiasm as they doled out nutritious yet delectable delicacies. Diyas displayed were a visual treat and were presented in an artistic and aesthetic style. Judges were overawed by the efforts of the participants and results were announced amidst tough competition. First position was secured by Amrit Kaur of VIII-D, closely followed by Niharika of VIII-B and Aarushi of VIII-A who bagged the second position. The third position was shared by Nancy of VIII-B and Yash Marjara of VIII-C.

Wherein Class VIII students exhibited their culinary skills, Class IX students showcased their creativity and imagination in the ‘Al Hena Competition- Time to Adore You Maa - Mehndi Competition’. The children had an opportunity to display their innate creative talents through this competition. Their spontaneity and creativity was put to test when they were required to come up with attractive designs. Group effort, individual inputs in the form of planning, designing, outlining, analyzing the theme and presenting the final mehndi designs- made the day for the winning teams. Kritika Dhingra of IX C bagged the first position, followed by Arjoo Of IX B and Vedika of IX-A who clinched second position. Third position was shared by Mandeep Sahu and Shagun of IX-D. This competition was an interesting and unique way to express creative talent of young KBDAVians and gave each of them an opportunity to contribute in some way or the other to a creative pursuit.

Rangoli Making has been an essential part of Diwali celebrations in our country. Although Diwali is a festival of lights, the Rangoli colours play a big role in bringing out the festive spirit during these celebrations. Therefore, to promote this traditional art form amongst our students, an Interhouse Lakshmi Footprint- Rangoli Competition was organised for Class X students. Different theme was given to the students as the challenge was to creatively incorporate Lakshmi footprints in their design which added a slight twist to the competition and encouraged the students to think in an innovative manner. Such beautiful use of colours and designs added to the festive galore. Gorakshi Sinha of X-B bagged the first position, followed by Vanshika Bhardwaj and Noorakshi Anand of X-B who clinched second position. Third position was shared by Barleen Kaur of X-B and Harmannat Kaur of X-A. Both Teachers and students enjoyed the Diwali celebrations wholeheartedly.