CHANDIGARH,01.10.20-KASHTHA TAKSHANASANA can be a part of daily warm up sequence since it helps to reduce the stress from the body and mind, with the movements of arms while in a swinging motion. The major muscles in the body often known as large muscles are activated resulting in the flow of fresh blood encouraging the practitioners to feel light, and also preparing them for the upcoming yoga session.
Squat with the feet flat on the floor about 18” apart. The knees should be fully bent and separated. Clasp the fingers of both the hands together and place them just above the floor between the feet. Straighten the arms and keep them straight throughout the practice. The elbows should be inside the knees. The eyes should remain open. Imagine the action of chopping the wood. Raise the arms above and behind the head stretching the spine upward. Look up towards the hands.
Make a downwards stroke with the arms, as if chopping the wood. Expel the breath making HAI sound. The hands should return near the floor in between the feet. This is one round. Practice for 5-10 rounds.
Inhale while raising the arms and exhale while lowering the arms.
AWARENESS should be on the movement and stretch of the shoulders and upper back muscles and breathe.
Those with knee problems or sciatica should not attempt.
Those having heart problems or who have undergone heart surgery or having hernia should avoid it
BENEFITS- The asna loosens the pelvic girdle and tones the pelvic muscles.
It also has a special effect on the usually inaccessible muscles of the back between the shoulder blades and the shoulder joints and upper back muscles. It lightens the mood.
It strengthens the thigh muscles. The excess fat in the buttocks and thighs is trimmed.
It releases the stress accumulated in the psoas muscles.
It invigorates the urinary bladder by increasing the blood flow to the reproductive organs due to deep squat combined with forward movement.
NOTE Those finding the squatting pose too difficult, should practice in the standing position. The benefits, however , will be less.
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