Chandigarh : 30 September : Ms Rajbala Malik, Mayor of Chandigarh was discharged from PGIMER as she beat the demon of COVID-19 after 7 days of treatment here at PGIMER. The Mayor was tested COVID positive on 16th September and was monitored for saturation at home. At rest her saturation dropped to 92 % at home so she was admitted to Fortis Hospital for 3 days. But then later on she was admitted to dedicated COVID Hospital here at PGIMER on 24th September.

Expressing his gratitude to the PGIMER team, the recovered Ms Rajbala Malik, was emotional as she said, “It was an extremely tough fight. I don’t have words to thank all the health care workers who looked after and treated me 24X7 even at the risk of their own life. Today I have won my war against coronavirus but the real warriors behind this battle are health care workers. This was stated by her as she was leaving the hospital premises here in PGIMER.

Prof. Jagat Ram, Director PGIMER, while expressing his optimism at the growing trajectory of recovered patients, stated, “It is very moving to see cured persons sharing their experiences and expressing their gratitude to the doctors and health care workers. This admiration not only builds confidence, but also helps people allay their fear and anxieties associated with Covid-19.”

Detailing about the latest recovered case, Prof. G.D.Puri, Dean (Academics) & Head, Deptt. of Anaesthesia & Intensive Care, PGIMER shared, “ Like Ms Rajbala Malik, we are hopeful that the rest of the patients will also be successfully recovered and discharged one by one. As a norm, the person discharged today has been asked to quarantine at home and take other precautionary measures that have been advised to her as well. Currently she is asymptomatic for COVID and has been off oxygen for 3 days. She is being advised home quarantine till 4th October and advised to take rest for 7 more days till 11th October for full recovery.”