World Heart Day Celebration -THEME- Use Heart to Beat CVD

CHANDIGARH,29.09.20-World Heart Day celebration amid COVID-19 was virtually organized by CTVS Nursing department, faculty and students of National Institute of Nursing Education on 29th September 2020 for raising awareness about cardiovascular diseases and to live a healthy heart life.

As part of the celebration, coordinator of CTVS Nursing, NINE, PGIMER, Ms. Neena Vir Singh welcomed the gathering by addressing about the importance of world heart day celebration. Dr. Karobi Das, officiating principal, NINE and Dr. Sukhpal Kaur, Academic Incharge, NINE welcomed the chief Guest of the occasion, Prof. Yash Paul Sharma and briefed about the heart day and theme.

Chief guest Dr. Yash Paul Sharma gave brief knowledge about how to deal Patients with CVD and COVID-19. An e-poster competition based on the theme (Use Heart to Beat Cardiovascular Disease) was held on 27/9/20 and was evaluated by eminent judges of NINE, PGIMER. A presentation of e-posters was presented by Ms. Aanchal Sharma M.Sc. final year student of CTVS Nursing on 29/9/20.

Results of the e-poster competition were declared by Chief guest Dr. Yash Paul Sharma. Dr. Monika Dutta, Lecturer, NINE and Ms. Sakshi Bhardwaj, M.Sc. A final year student of CTVS Nursing explained briefly about the cardiovascular diseases, its risk factors, AHA guidelines for prevention of CVD and emphasized on the importance of good eating habits, cessation of smoking, alcohol as it has a bad effect on the heart health. They also spoke about the importance of sports and exercise suggested by the World Heart Federation and the influence of COVID -19 on CVD and its prevention. Mrs. Raj Kumari M.Sc. a final year student of CTVS Nursing, gave a one week Challenge to participants to meet a healthy heart and emphasized on healthy lifestyle, stress free life to keep heart healthy and further feedback will be taken up by participants after one week. Mrs. Prabhjot Kaur, Faculty, NINE, proposed a vote of thanks.


WORLD HEART DAY : Use Heart to beat Cardiovascular Disease

Department of Cardiology held a webinar/seminar

The Department of Cardiology held a webinar/seminar on the occasion of World Heart Day. The theme for this year's World Heart Day is" use Heart to beat Cardiovascular disease". This has two meanings one for the doctor community to treat patients with compassion and empathy and secondly for the patients it means that they should do physical activity which will increase heart rate and thus decreasing the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

World Heart Day is the largest event on earth for creating awareness in the public regarding cardiovascular disease but this is the first time when this event is happening in the times of pandemic. World heart day was started in the year 1999 by the World Heart Federation and since then every 29 September it is celebrated all over the globe. Also, the achievements and future perspective of the department of cardiology was discussed.

In the seminar held in the department, it was attended by eminent cardiologists from all over the country from Delhi, Shimla, Chennai, Amritsar and other places. Preventive aspects of cardiovascular diseases were discussed. The management of acute coronary syndrome both in the COVID and Pre COVID era was discussed and how we could achieve even comparable mortality in both these eras.

Use of compassion, innovation, integration and collaboration in the treatment of ACS patients has led to this remarkable achievement. Primordial and primary prevention of cardiovascular disease was discussed like diabetes, hypertension, avoidance of smoking, lack of physical activity, less intake of fruits and vegetables and stress at workplace and home was discussed and how to decrease the risk factors was discussed upon. Emphasis was given in the treatment of patients with ACS and comorbidities like sepsis and other lesser moribund diseases. The concept of endothelial dysfunction and slow flow, no flow in the coronary artery was discussed. The strategies given by us have been adopted across the globe.