Shimla,25.09.20-In a programme organised today in BJP Party office Chakkar Shimla on the 104th birth anniversary the founder of Jan Sangh and Bharatiya Janata Party Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay. All the office bearers saw the address of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this occasion off the birth anniversary and later all the workers of BJP present in Party office give their respect by offering flowers on the photograph of Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay.

On this occasion the state General Secretary and political advisor of the chief minister Trilok Jamwal set remembering Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay that he was born in a small village in Uttar Pradesh and after he completed his education he joined RSS in 1940 later in 1951 after he played a very vital role in the Independence movement of India he became the general secretary of Jan Sangh for 16 years later he also became the President of Jan Sangh.

Trilok Jamwal said that Pandit Dindayal Upadhyay ideology became the base of BJP today he give numerous erections to the workers of BJP how to work on ground out of which Integral Humanism, Cultural nationalism, Egalitarian society, Democratic policy are well know to the world.

Today the central government and the BJP ruled states are working on his ideologies in which it is clear how to help the last person standing in the queue if you see all the policies made by the BJP government are for the person who is the weakest.

Today BJP is celebrating this occasion on as a festival on all the 7792 polling stations in Himachal Pradesh and all over India.

While addressing media the state general secretary in political advisor to Chief Minister Trilok jambal said that the incharge of Congress Rajeev Shukla is giving statements without any base. Rajeev has just entered Himachal Pradesh firstly he should understand this scenario of Congress party in Himachal Pradesh as Congress today has no set leader and a divided in 6 to 7 houses how will he manage the same.

It is very difficult to set right house which is divided.

Talking about the farm bills passed by the Centre Government he said the Congress is again misguiding the general public on the same the centre government has clarified that MSP I will stay on and also APMC will continue but Congress Party does not agree with the fact it is for the first time that Congress is thinking about the farmers but whenever BJP come to power we work for the farmers of India as we consider them the backbone of progressive India.

It is very clear that the central government under the leadership of Narendra Modi want to to finish the middle man who are broking agents from this system and he will definitely be a success for the same but Congress is purely supporting the middleman.

By these favourable policies coming in it is clear that soon the income all the farmers of India will be doubled.