CHANDIGARH,26.09.20- Sakshi Aggarwal, was born at Gurdaspur ( Panjab) in an Indian Hindu family in the year 1991 Although her father always wanted her to become an advocate, but Sakshi was always having her interest/ dent of mind towards artistic activities like modelling / Acting/Anchoring, performing on stage due to her photogenic face. Sakshi pursued her career in modelling from the age of 18 years when Sakshi claimed the winning prize in the contest “Miss North India” 2010 during her college time. Since then Sakshi claimed that due to her penetration in the field of modelling ,she got an opportunity to be associated with brands like, D Dholphin, & Bioayurveda , Designer Gold Jewellery with Anand Shah and in the hospitality sector. Apart from modelling Sakshi claimed to act as fashion show and show director choreographing shows like Miss Chattisgarh etc . Sakshi claimed that Although she belongs to Chandigarh, yet had a chance to work at Mumbai as a freelancer model.

Sakshi a well-qualified girl, had been very popular model due to her beautiful looks with good height of 5feet 6 inches, controlled weight of 55 K.G, with other attractive measurements 36-30-36 with black eyes & hair, knowing Hindi, Panjabi and English languages and had been very perfect in communicating skills. Few photos of her are enclosed for judging her by the organizers of events/shows for their ensuing events.

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