SHIMLA,23.09.20-While addressing a Press Conference in Shimla chief spokesperson for BJP Himachal Pradesh Randhir Sharma said that Congress has always been a party who is anti farmer when they were in power they did not do any good for the farmers and now when the Narendra Modi government in the centre is working to double the income of of the farmers of India they are protesting for the same and the Congress leaders are confusing the general public and opposition parties for the. The two bills that were passed in the centre are are completely in favour of the farmers and they will change the state and direction of farming in the coming years.

He said that one bill opens many revenues for the farmers to sell their produce at different levels Congress is stating that APMC will be closed but this again is a complete lie said by them. He said that now the farmers of India can send their producers to anywhere with the get better prices.

He said that Congress has always supported corruption and they in their tenure supported all the middle men who were harassing the farmer by paying them less prices for their produce. Today the farmer section of the society will be corruption free.

The second bill helps the farmers by Living out their produce and taking proper margins at their own land without any discrepancy now all the contract which will be signed by the party and the farmer will be absolutely transparent and the farmers will not lose their land but will be proper owners of their land and produce. Congress is again misguiding all the people on this issue.

He said that Narendra Modi government is working for the betterment of the farmers and recently the MSP which has been raised by the the central government is the first positive impact of the bill the Prime Minister is very eager that a farmer should earn a 50% profit of his investment which will now be true on ground.

The MSP for the 6 Rabi crops that have been raised recently will give 106% gain to all the farmers.

He said the Swaminathan Commission report came during the UPA government and the Congress did not execute it because the middleman aur brokers will suffer but now there NDA government in the centre has worked on the Swaminathan commission and taken all diseases according to the same. He also congratulation the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the central agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar for this incredible achievement.

He said the prime minister has taken in many positive steps to uplift the farmers of India and he has paid 10 crore farmers an amount of 93000 crore under Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme

E Mandi scheme all over the the nation is a complete success on the the starting of the screensaver 587 market but today this is a market has crossed a 1000 mark.

Hi while attacking the Congress said the Congress leaders all over the country are making unrealistically remarks without any statistics and explanations.

Today the Congress party has lost its ground in politics and this is the reason that out of frustration they have lost control over their speech and targeting leaders like Anurag Thakur the negative comments given by them is not only an insult for Anurag Thakur but for the Youth Force of India.

Many of the issues that are being content by Congress were mentioned in their own manifesto this shows the complete double face of Congress.

While addressing questions put up by the press he said that BJP will come direct in contact with the farmers of India and relate all the issues they are facing on ground you also said that BJP leader Rajeev Bindal is still our MLA and strong leader who is also a firebrand in our party all the allegations that were put on him are baseless and not proved yet.

He said that MSP is a complete different act and only 22 commodities are covered under it but all the other commodities come under these two bills passed in the centre. Thus MSP stays and is unaffected.

He also said that contract farming in India will have legal ways now and will stand in favour of the farmers.

He was accompanied by State secretary Payal Vaidya and state co media incharge Karan Nanda during this press conference.