Chandigarh,23.09.20-Keeping a pet is status symbol and we love the dogs so much that calling them dogs may not be very comfortable with many. Apart from large number of stray dogs there are large number of pet dogs also.In this status symbol it is common that every morning owner or servant takes the dogs for morning walk you know what I mean. And many take their dogs in the evening also. Every day when we go for walk we usually find many pets on the way doing defecation and easing themselves and their owners. These pet animals are always found every morning and evening almost at every cycle tracks as if these tracks are free space for open defecation of pets.

There are two issues. One is immediate concern of COVID conditions where we all are directed to cover our mouths with a mouth masks and we venture out with covered faces we find dogs defecating and spreading filth all over and making our areas dirty. Meaning dogs have all the freedom to roam around any where and make the area dirty but human beings are forced remain in home. This a sort of anomaly also as dogs must be laughing at our covered faces.

Another issue regarding the fine which can be imposed if some is caught with a pet animal have morning walk in the public place.MC can always depute its staff every day in the morning to locate and catch hold of such pet owners and I am sure every single single day MC can collect Lakhs @ 5000 a pet.And I am sure that for easing the dogs every morning and evening no one will under hand money .Moreover the staff can be shared the fine they collect so.

Second and most important suggestion is that MC should make it mandatory for pet owners to provide a safe place in their houses for defecation of pets or they can construct Toilet for dogs they have in their houses. MC can always think of making Public toilets for pets on payment basis and auction to earn some money.As a safe advice all pet owners should carry a bag in their pockets and collect the poop so that no filth is spread unmindfully or otherwise they start making Toilets for dogs and implement this Novel Idea to keep our city in high ranking

R K Garg

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Convenor, RTI Chandigarh
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