NEW DELHI,22.09.20-Mosquitoes are an annoyance. Their bites are itchy, but there’s also concern that mosquitoes carries dangerous diseases and are knocking on our door. Covid-19 has already been a terror to us, this season.

One recent estimate showed 1069 cases of mosquito-borne diseases have been reported in Delhi per year, like Dengue,Malaria, Chickengunia and various others disease and no specific vaccines can keep us away from these diseases. This summer Window Magic – manufacturers of uPVC Windows and Doors have introduced an innovative way to protect the abode and ourselves from the mosquito-borne disease by installing Insect Screen; an easy way to add protection to the home and the family.

At home, using mosquito repellent, Sprays, igniting coil can be more harmful to the body and are least effective. Excessive inhalation of them or direct contact with skin can cause major health disease.

Whereas Insect screen allows enjoying fresh and natural ventilation and stops the insects, beeand flies entering in the house.

Manish Bansal, Director & CEO – Window Magic said, as each house is different in itself, so the design of the insect screen is designed keeping in mind the need of the house, which protects the house from infection.

By installing Insect screen, it not only protects the house from coming flies, insects and various types of bee’s but also protects the person from various diseases and flews’ which comes along with them and disinfect the home. Various types of mesh are available in the market: Pull down mesh, Pleated mesh, Zig-Zag mesh and Sliding mesh and these all insect screens have the perfect finish and can be fitted or ready to install in all kinds of windows, plus all screens have an advantage of being fire resistant and dust resistant.