Mohali( SATWINDER KAUR) ,17.09.20-The irony of the Indian education system is that it first lets the students pursue their courses and become Doctors, Engineers, etc and later on decide what to do in life.

Simarpreet Singh, Executive Director of Hartek Group, which is India’s leading power service provider, the passion kept on changing and he got his calling in Electrical Engineering, walking on a career path similar to his maternal and paternal grandfathers.

After his stint with Areva (now Schneider Electric) as shop floor engineer, Singh got fascinated by the power industry. “During this time, I would come to my room in the night and read more about the power sector: the challenges and the opportunities. There were still more than 1 billion people in this world without access to electricity. I believe, it was during this time that I realized my mission towards contributing in solving these challenges,” his website reads.

Committed to his mission, Singh founded Hartek India in 2013 and began manufacturing ‘Made in India’, Hartek-branded 11KV/33KV switchboard panels, LT panels and control relay panels for industries, commercial buildings and power plants.

Meanwhile, he started exploring renewable energy sector as a sustainable infrastructure for the power needs of every household, which led to the birth of Hartek Solar in 2015.

With its roof top solar plants solution, the company has marked its entry in the top 10 solar installers in India, having completed projects producing over 25 MW energy.

“We recently launched plug and play solar kits for residential homes so that consumers can generate clean and sustainable power of their own,” Singh writes on his website.

An alumnus of S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, Singh was also mentioned by Forbes in its 30 under 30 Asia list in 2019 under the manufacturing and energy category. Besides, he is also the youngest chairman to serve PHD Chamber of Commerce’s committee of power and renewable energy in Punjab.