CHANDIGARH,15.09.20-In this asna, the body is folded up tightly, resembling a foetus, hence it is called GARBHASANA.
Sit in Padahastasana. Insert an arm between the thigh and calf of each leg and bend the elbows under the calves.
Fold the arms upward and raise the legs. Hold the ears, balancing the whole body on coccyx.
The eyes can be open or close.
Maintain this final position for as long as possible.( holding period may be raised from a few seconds to 2 minutes gradually)
Go off the ear, lower the legs and slowly release the arms from the legs.
Cross the legs on other way around and repeat the pose.
This asna May also be performed lying on the back.
CAUTIONS:- This is an advance asna and those who can not perform padamasna or kukkutasana should not try this asna.
Those having hip injury should avoid it.
Not recommended during pregnancy.
Those having heart problems, high BP, prolapse, hernia or back pain should not attempt.
Breathing:- exhale while bringing the hands to the ears. Breathe normally in the final Position.
In the final position the breath will be shallow as the stomach and lungs are compressed.
Physical awareness should be on balancing and spiritual on MANIPURA chakra.
This has a regulating effects on the adrenal glands and calms the excited mind.
It provides emotional stability.
It controls anger.
It massages and tones the abdominal organs, stimulates digestive fire and increases appetite.
It improves sense of balance.
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