Chandigarh,15.08.20-Another ASNA which strengthens muscles and brings flexibility is GARUDASANA which we shall be knowing today.This is also called Eagle Pose.
Steps to do it
Assume the standing position and focus gaze on a fixed spot/object.
Bend the right leg and twist it around the left leg. The right thigh should be in front of left thigh and the top of right foot should not rest on calf of left leg.
Bend the elbows and bring them in front of chest. Twist the forearms around each other with left elbow remaining below.
Place the palms together to resemble eagle’s beak. Balance the position for sometime and then slowly bend the left knee and and lower the body, keeping back straight, until the elbows come down to the knees and the tip of the right big toe touches the floor. Keep eyes focused on the fixed spot. Hold this position as per your capacity. Thereafter raise the body and release the legs and arms. Relax with eyes closed.
Repeat with the leg and arms the opposite way around.
Practice upto three rounds per side.
Breathe normally throughout.
Awareness should be in maintaining balance while lowering and raising the body. Spiritual awareness on MOOLADHARA chakra.

It improves concentration, strengthens muscles and loosens the joints of shoulders, arms and legs. It is good for upper back.
It stimulates immune system
Alleviates sciatica
Corrects urinary problems
It enhances neuro- muscular coordination

Should not be performed with following conditions
Severe arthritis, varicose veins, injuries of bones/joints, 3rd trimesters pregnancy, low BP headache and inner ear problems,
Back should be kept straight.
Dr M K Virmani
Naturopath & Yoga Therapist
Chairman Chandigarh Yoga Association