Chandigarh, August 14, 2020-ISO National Secretary General Raman Dhaka writes letter to Governor on the behalf of students, He said this period of lockdown students are very panic. In this time the administrator should help students instead of giving such decision of changing hostels into isolation wards which is not good for the students.

Whenever university wil resume, the students of hostel will get back to the hostels, if any of the student gets affected from COVID-19, then who will be responsible for that.

The students had belongings, luggage and other important documents, research work and gadgets in hostel rooms and Chandigarh is sealed completely so students can't come to collect their belongings.

And I don't know where this much luggage will be kept and who will be responsible if something important document get lost of students.

All the students had paid rent of whole session for hostel that means they are like the owner of the room for this session till the exam status not clear from University side. Their consent must be taken for converting their rooms into isolation wards.

Government should use other places for isolation wards as there are a lot of places like government buildings, community centers etc. in the UT.

If administration want to use place of Panjab University then there are so many buildings in the campus like Golden Jubilee Hall, department buildings, guest houses of Panjab University.

He addressed this letter to Adviser, DC Chandigarh and Vice Chancellor of Panjab University also.