CHANDIGARH,14.08.20-This is also one of the most useful balancing ASNA. This needs to be preceded/ followed by backward bending asna like Makarasana. In yoga every asna has its counter asna to enable the body to get maximum benefits.
Stand relaxed with the feet together.
Raise the arms above the head and interlock the fingers with the palms together.
Bend forward slowly from the hips, keeping the trunk, arms and head in a straight line and transferring the weight on right leg.
Simultaneously raise left leg straight back, in line with trunk.
The body should pivot from right hip joint.
In the final position , the left leg, trunk head and arms are all in a straight line. The right leg remains straight and vertical.
Focus gaze on hands.
Hold the final position as per your capacity.
Keeping the arms,, back and leg aligned, return to upright position.
Slowly lower the arms and return to starting position .
Repeat the asna raising right leg backward.
The asna should be performed upto 3 times with holding period as much as comfortable.
Breathing:- inhale while raising the arms, exhale while bending to assume final position. Breathe normally while holding final position and inhale while returning to upright position.
Exhale while lowering arms.
Physical awareness on maintaining alignment of limbs, spine and maintaining balance.
Spiritual awareness on Swadhisthana chakra.
People with lower back, heart or BP problems should not do this asna.
Benefits:- it strengthens the arms, wrists, back, hips and legs muscles. It develops muscular coordination, concentration and nervous balance.
Dr M K Virmani
Naturopath & Yoga Therapist
Chairman Chandigarh Yoga Association