CHANDIGARH,13.08.20-Every major decision taken at the Centre directly affects the youth of a Nation. And when the decision is as strong, challenging and vibrant, as the need for making India a Self-Reliant Nation, the youth of the Country cannot afford to sit back silent and merely observe. So, when the Prime Minister of the Country, Mr. Narendra Modi announced in May 2020 that the time to make the Country Self-Reliant has come, the young brains of KBDAV Senior Secondary Public School, Sector. 7 – B, Chandigarh from Classes IX and X pulled up their socks and got together in a webinar on 13 August 2020 to discuss the feasibility of the proposal.

The discussion on the issue was organised in the form of a debate on the motion: SELF-RELIANT INDIA- a DISTANT DREAM, with 32 teams presenting their arguments in favour of and against the motion, and around 95 participants attending the meet. The Principal of the school, Mrs.Pooja Prakash was herself one of the judges of the debate, with Ms. Beenu Malhotra, teacher of English for Secondary and Senior Secondary classes, being the second judge.

The views from both the sides were so strong and convincing that it was hard to be on one side completely. Whereas the debaters supporting the motion argued that the impediments on the path to self-reliance were many, and quite tough; the speakers criticising them quoted examples of the sectors in which India has already shown its independence, and is on the way to make 12 more sectors self-reliant soon.

When one debater argued that India faces challenges of transportation cost, expensive power and property, and complicated labour laws, her opponent lost no time in shooting back that the new policies being framed at the Centre were going to find a solution to each hurdle that India has faced hitherto. One speaker pointed out the resolve of India to invite as many countries as possible in the near future to come and invest here, and set up their companies in India, offering employment, training and research opportunities to millions of Indians in whom lies a humongous potential, waiting to be tapped.

By the end of the debate, the motion seemed to be tilted in favour of A SELF-RELIANT INDIA, A new INDIA with lots of positive things happening soon. Both the judges congratulated the speakers for coming forward and expressing their robust views, and encouraged them to continue working to give shape to the SELF-RELIANT INDIA of tomorrow.