CHANDIGARH,11.08.20-I am sure all are keeping my articles saved for necessary reference.This is the 7th if the series of articles .
After Utkatasna, Tadasna, Tiryak Tadasna, and Katichakrasna, another useful standing asna is Trikonasna. It has many variations, but I am going to explain the simple Trikonasna for you

Stand erect with the feet more than shoulders width apart.
Turn the right foot to the right side.
Stretch the arms sideways and raise them to shoulders level so that they are in the straight line.
Bend to the right taking care not to bring the body forward.
Simultaneously bend the right knee slightly.
Place the right hand on the right foot keeping the two arms in line with each other
Turn the left arm forward.
Look up at the left hand in the final position.
Return to the upright position with the arms in the straight line.
Repeat on the other side bending the left knee slightly.
This completes one round.
Practice 5-10 rounds
Inhale while raising the arms. Exhale while bending
Hold for a few seconds in the final mposition.
Inhale while raising the body to the vertical position.
On the stretch along the side of the trunk, legs and arms on keeping the balance and on coordinating the movement with breath.
Strengthens the muscles on the side of the trunk, waist and back of legs.
Stimulates the nerves system and alleviate nerves depression.
Improves digestion
Strengthens pelvic area and tones reproductive organs
Reduces waistline fat.
Important not to bend forward. To avoid bending forward, pay particular attention to the position of hips while bending to the side
Increasing the distance between the feet gives powerful stretch to the rarely used inner thigh muscles and the top of thighs

Dr M K Virmani
Naturopath & Yoga Therapist
Chairman Chandigarh Yoga Association