NEW DELHI,04.08.20-The World, particularly the Indian sub-continent, has a deep rooted and indelible cultural imprint of the epic - Ramayana. From times immemorial, Lord Ram, Mata Sita and the legendary tale of the Ramayana is luminously etched in our cultural, spiritual and religious memory. The Indian psyche has always been inspired and encapsulated the spirit of Dharma, righteousness, duty, sacrifice, compassion, love, bravery and service, that runs through Ramayana. From North to South, from East to West, the “Ramkatha” has manifested itself in immeasurable forms. As the Lord has infinite incarnations, “Ramkatha” has infinite forms.

Lord Ram has always been a binding thread for humanity and human good in India’s ethos from times immemorial. Lord Ram symbolises sacrifice as also shelter. Ram belongs both to “Sabri” as also to “Sugriv”. Ram belong to “Valmiki” as also to “Bhasa”. Ram belongs to “Kamban” as also to “Ezhuthachan”. Ram belongs to “Kabir”, to “Tulsidas” and to “Raidas”. Ram personifies each one of us. Mahatma Gandhi’s “Rahgupati Raghav Raja Ram” bestows divine wisdom and equanimity. Waris Ali Shah says, “Rab is Ram”.

The noted laureate poet Maithali Sharan Gupt has described Ram as “the strength of the oppressed & the voiceless”. MahapranNirala describes Lord Ram in his classical words as “the power of eternal truth”. Ram is courage, Ram is unity, Ram is tolerance, Ram is fraternity. Ram belongs to everyone. Lord Ram is the good and well being of all. This is why Lord Ram is the epitome of principled conduct and righteousness.

Tomorrow, on 5th August 2020, “Bhumipujan” of Ram Temple is being held. Let Lord Ram shower his blessing so that this function becomes a celebration of National unity, fraternity and cultural affinity.