CHANDIGARH,04.08.20-Continuing from where I left yesterday,I deem it fit to tell the readers as to what needs to be done before and at the time of performing yoga

Yesterday, I explained the concept of Yoga(readers are advised not to miss any article to get maximum benefits) especially, Asthang Yoga. Now we must know the basic instructions which are as under:-
1. wake up early in the morning . After doing daily routine like brushing of teeth, passing stool and taking bath one should do yoga. While yoga can be practiced even without taking bath, bath provides flexibility to body and makes it easier to do it.
2. Asnas should be done empty stomach. However Vajrasana can be done even immediately after taking meal.
3. Asnas should be done in open space or in a clean and adequately ventilated room.
4. It should be done on smooth surface with carpet or mat on it.
5. Women should avoid asnas during menstruation periods
6. Asnas should be done carefully, slowly and without any pain.
7. Asnas should be done regularly.
8. In case of ailment, doctor be consulted.
9. Should not be done immediately after walk.
10. Should not be done immediately after surgery (avoid for six months)
11. At the end of Asnas urine should be passed.
12. Asnas be done for a minimum period of 15 minutes and upto 45 minutes
13. Asnas can be done after prayer or meditation
14. Asnas during strong winds not to be done
15. Once a week one should fast or live on fruits.
16. Asnas should be done as per one’s capacity
17. Those having back pain should not do Asnas which involve forward bending.
18. those having cervical should not bend the neck forward.
19. After 2-3 Asnas shavasna is must as it regulates blood circulation.
20. In case feeling of discomfort, immediately leave the Asnas.
21. follow the sequence of Asnas for better results.
The above points must always be kept in mind while practising Asnas

Dr M K Virmani(NDDY)
Naturopath & Yoga Therapist
Chairman Chandigarh Yoga Association