KHERI GURNA BANUR,05.07.20-The Post Graduate Department of Commerce and Business Administration of GGDSD College, Kheri Gurna, Banur organized a Webinar on the topic "Trading and Entrepreneurship Skills" in association with Cube Global on 5th July, 2020. The webinar sought to provide a comprehensive and adaptable approach towards the concept of trading and development of skills required to establish an enterprise and become capable business people.

The eminent resource persons for the Webinar were Dr. Tulika Mehta (Entrepreneur & Strategic Consultant, Cube Global Brokers Ltd.) and Mr.Anuj Ojha ( Economist & Asia Head, Cube Global Brokers Ltd.)

Dr. Meenakshi Negi, Coordinator and Head, Post Graduate Department of Commerce and Business Administration started the session with the warm welcome of the participants and invited Dr. Sunil K. Baria, Principal, GGDSD College, Kheri Gurna, Banur for a formal welcome address. The webinar began with a formal welcome and a brief introduction of the worthy panelists by Dr. Baria. The inaugural address was delivered by Maj. Gen. A.K Shori, Chairman, GGDSD College, Kheri Gurna, Banur.

On her opening remarks, Dr. Tulika Mehta focused on the area of Skill Development and how trading can become a different way to learn and earn during these unprecedented times. She was followed by Mr. Anuj Ojha, who delivered a lecture on the impact of COVID-19 on the global economy and which of the industries still hold a potential of career opportunities.

Mr. Ojha also very well explained about the procedure of trading and development of skills for the trading and entrepreneurship.

More than 90 participants attended the Webinar comprising the members of teaching fraternity and the students. The webinar was interactive as the participants made meaningful contributions to the discussion. The speakers also answered a number of questions regarding the procedure of forex trading, regulations for the trading, risks associated etc. In all, the session was comprehensive, interactive and educative entrepreneurship webinar which ended with much enthusiasm in the participants and speakers as well.