*CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal launches India's first Plasma Bank in Delhi for plasma therapy treatment for Corona patients*
*Those who wish to donate plasma can call on 1031 or WhatsApp on 8800007722 to register themselves to donate plasma: CM Arvind Kejriwal*
*Delhi government doctor will contact people on their contact numbers and check their eligibility: CM Arvind Kejriwal*
*This Plasma Bank will only be successful if people come forward to donate plasma; request media to run campaigns to motivate more and more people to donate plasma: CM Arvind Kejriwal*
New Delhi: *2nd July 2020*CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday launched India's first plasma bank set-up at the ILBS hospital in Delhi, and urged people to come forward to donate plasma. While citing the eligibility criteria over those who can donate plasma, Delhi CM said that those who fulfill the criteria and are willing to donate plasma can call on 1031 or WhatsApp on 88-0000-77-22 to register themselves. After the registration is complete, a Delhi government doctor will contact people who will approach via provided contact number and check their eligibility. He also urged the people to come forward to donate plasma and save lives.
Addressing a digital press briefing in Delhi, CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, "The plasma bank in Delhi is starting today. This is the first plasma bank in the country set-up for the treatment of Corona patients. People were finding it difficult to get plasma and the situation got quite chaotic in Delhi. We hope that the situation will improve after setting up of this plasma bank."
CM Kejriwal said this plasma bank will only be successful if people come forward to donate plasma and more recovered Corona patients must come forward to donate.
Citing the eligibility criteria over who can donate plasma, CM Arvind Kejriwal said, "There are strict eligibility guidelines and criteria over who can donate plasma. First, you must be tested positive for Corona. You must have fully recovered and must be free of Corona symptoms for 14 days. Your age must be between 18-60 years."
"You cannot donate plasma if - your weight is less than 50 kg. Women who have ever been pregnant; you are diabetic on insulin; your blood pressure is more than 140 and diastolic less than 60 or more than 90. You cannot donate plasma if you have uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension with change in medication in last 28 days, if you are a Cancer Survivor, or if you have chronic kidney/heart/lung or liver disease," he added.
CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, "Until now, 58000 people have recovered from Corona. The criteria is very stringent and will leave fewer recovered patients eligible. So I urge everyone who is eligible to come forward. You get very less chances of saving someone's life, if God has given you this chance, please do not hesitate to use it to save a life. You might experience weakness after donating blood, but you will never experience weakness after donating plasma."
"If you fit in the eligibility criteria of donating plasma, you can call on 1031 and register yourself to donate plasma. You can also WhatsApp on 8800007722," added the CM.
After getting your contact information, the willing donor will get a call from a Delhi government doctor who will confirm their eligibility for plasma donation and obtain other details. If the donors are found to be eligible, a suitable time for pick-up will be fixed with them as per their convenience. The plasma bank has been set-up at the ILBS hospital in Delhi. CM Arvind Kejriwal said the Delhi govt will send a vehicle to the donors to take them to the plasma bank, or they will be re-imbursed for the travel cost if they want to travel through their private vehicle.
"Some basic tests will be conducted at the ILBS hospital, after which your plasma will be taken. This whole process takes only 45 minutes to one hour and not more than that. After the process is completed, you will be given a Certificate of Appreciation for contributing to the society," he said.
CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal advised people who require plasma to not contact the ILBS hospital or helpline numbers directly. He said, "People whose family members or relatives are admitted in the hospitals and are advised plasma therapy - please do not directly call on 1031 or WhatsApp Helpline to seek plasma for therapy. The doctors will prescribe plasma therapy to those patients and the hospital will contact ILBS, and the plasma shall be provided to the hospitals on the basis of the doctor's prescriptions." He further added that plasma will be given to all hospitals, whether they are government, private, central government or MCD hospitals.
CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said that death rate due to Corona has declined in the last few days. "We observed 125 deaths in a single day in the month of June. The deaths have gone down to 60-65 in the last few days, which is around half of the earlier count. We have to reduce them further. We have not got a vaccine for Corona yet, and till the time we do not get the vaccine, plasma therapy will prove to be helpful for treatment of Corona patients. I am not claiming that plasma therapy will put an end to all deaths happening due to Corona, but we hope that the death rate will decline and more and more people will recover and return to their homes."
CM Kejriwal said that plasma therapy trials have also started in other parts of the country, including Maharashtra where plasma trials have begun on a massive scale. He said, "This is a very good news. I have also got to know that one or two more states will be setting up plasma banks. Coronavirus is a disease where everyone needs to learn from one another. We would also like to learn from the experiences of plasma therapy trials in the state of Maharashtra, and from all other states where plasma banks are being set-up. I want to congratulate all these states and I hope that we continue to learn from the experiences of each other,"
CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal urged the media to motivate more people to come forward to donate plasma through campaigns. "The most important thing is that every recovered patient who fulfils the eligibilty criteria comes forward to donate plasma. We will require the support of media in this. I request the media to run campaigns to motivate people to donate plasma, help cast away the misconceptions of the people regarding the process, and encourage more and more people to come forward to save lives of the people who are currently battling Corona," he added.
*Delhi govt to launch a 17-day mega plantation drive "Plant Saplings, Save Environment" from July 10 to 26: Gopal Rai*
*Delhi government will plant 31 lakh saplings across Delhi this year: Gopal Rai*
*Delhi govt will conduct third party audit of the plantation drive after a year to assess survival rate of saplings: Gopal Rai*
*Green Cover of Delhi estimated to increase from 325 to 350 sq km by 2021 as a result of plantation drives of the Delhi govt: Gopal Rai*
NEW DELHI: 2nd July 2020-The Delhi government will launch a 17-day mega plantation drive from July 10 to 26 to plant 31 lakh plants, trees and shrubs across the national capital to reduce pollution said Environment Minister of Delhi Mr Gopal Rai on Thursday. "Plant Saplings, Save Environment" will be the name of this campaign.
*In the last few years, the Delhi government has worked tirelessly to increase the green cover of Delhi: Gopal Rai*
"In the last few years, the Delhi government has worked tirelessly to increase the green cover of Delhi. Delhi Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal before the election in his guarantee card promised that in the coming five years the Delhi government will plant 2 crore saplings across the city," said Mr Rai.
*Delhi govt to launch a 17-day mega plantation drive "Plant Saplings, Save Environment" from July 10: Gopal Rai*
"We are committed to reducing the pollution level of Delhi, therefore, launching a mega plantation drive in Delhi from July 10-26. "Plant Saplings, Save Environment" will the name of the campaign and we will observe these two weeks as "Vrikshaaropan Pakhavaada" he said.
*Delhi government will plant 31 lakh saplings across Delhi: Gopal Rai*
Mr Rai said, "We will plant over 31 lakh saplings during this 17-day plantation drive. All the departments of the Delhi government will be involved in this initiative. We will plant saplings of big trees, small trees and also shrubs. The roadside shrubs help to bring down the dust pollution and increase the PM 10 level. Our target is to plant 20 lakh sapling of big trees and 11 lakh saplings of small trees and shrubs."
He said that in this plantation drive all the Hon'ble ministers, Hon'ble Speaker of the Delhi Legislative Assembly and the Hon'ble MLAs will take part. Hon'ble Environment Minister Mr Gopal Rai will inaugurate the drive by planting saplings at the ITO nursery near the Yamuna Bank on July 10.
*Schedule of the plantation drive*
July 13, at ITO nursery-Dy CM Manish Sisodia
July 15, at City Forest-Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot
July 17 at Garhi Mandu-Social Welfare Minister Rajendra Pal Gautam
July 20 at ITO Chungi- Food Minister Imran Hussain
July 20 at Kamla Nehru Ridge- Health Minister Satyendar Jain
July 24 at Garhi Mandu- Hon'ble Speaker of Delhi Assembly
July 26: All the 70 MLAs will hold plantation drive at their own constituencies
*All the government agencies will work together in this plantation drive: Gopal Rai*
Mr Rai said, "The Central government gave the target of planting 15 lakh saplings in Delhi this year but the Delhi government will plant double of this target. Various departments of the Delhi government like PWD, DSIDC, DTC etc will plant nearly 18,000 saplings. The DDA will plant 9,40,000 saplings and all the MCDs and NDMC will plant 2 lakh saplings. The metro, Northern railway, BSES like agencies will plant 2 lakh saplings."
*Delhi govt will conduct third party audit of the plantation drives to assess the outcomes: Gopal Rai*
"We have also decided to perform a third-party audit of the plantation drive to understand how much success we have received. We have decided that the Forest Research Institute of Dehradun will perform the third-party audit of the last year's plantation drive. The same trend of third party audit will be followed next year," said Environment Minister of Delhi.
*By 2021 the Green Cover of Delhi will become 350 sq km with the help of the mega plantation drives of the Delhi govt: Gopal Rai*
Mr Rai said, "In the last few years, we have witnessed a significant increase in the green cover of Delhi due to the mega plantation initiatives of the Delhi government. In 2017 the green cover of Delhi was 299 sq KM in 2019 the green cover of Delhi increased to 325 sq KM and the estimation is that by 2021 the green cover of Delhi will increase to around 350 sq KM. The increasing green cover is beneficial to reduce the pollution level."
*“Schools are closed but learning will continue”- says Manish Sisodia*
*“Learning with human feel- the new mantra of Delhi Government’s teaching-learning approach” announced by Deputy Chief Minister today*
*“Digital technology to complement the efforts of teachers in reaching out to every child and assist them in learning”- Manish Sisodia*
*“We are following the principle that Digital divide should not come in the way of children’s access to learning opportunities.”- Manish Sisodia*
“The core of our approach is outreach and connect between teachers and their students. Our teachers will reach out to their students through WhatsApp or regular phone call. Give them light assignments and take regular feedback. In the process, they will also find out the well being of children”- says Manish Sisodia
“Students from KG to Class 10 to receive daily exercise and feedback from class teachers through Whatsapp, teachers to connect through regular phone with those who do not have WhatsApp or smartphone”.
“Students of classes 11 and 12 to attend to attend live online classes to be conducted by Delhi Government teachers in 12 subjects. Follow up by school teacher through phone call or whatsapp to clear doubts”
*“School Management Committees (SMC) to partner with teachers in reaching out to parents for learning and well being of every child”*
*Delhi Govt. introduces comprehensive remote teaching-learning plan for all classes in the wake of the closure of schools*
*Starting Monday, Directorate of Education will implement new learning strategies to minimize academic loss of students*.
*New Delhi : 02-07-2020-*Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister of Delhi, Shri Manish Sisodia announced the commencement of remote teaching-learning activities for students* of Delhi Government schools from coming Monday. In the wake of the closure of schools till July 31, induced by the Coronavirus situation, the Directorate of Education, *Govt. of Delhi has devised an alternate teaching-learning plan to reduce the academic loss* of students in classes KG to XII of all government and aided schools of Delhi.
A plan of action in this regard has been worked out for the students through a combination of strategies using digital devices and support of parents and School Management Committees.
*Classes KG to 12 have been divided into three cohorts to follow three distinct strategies to support the learning of students*.
“We have divided the classes into three separate cohorts, keeping the learning requirements of children at a different stages in mind and accordingly we will follow distinct strategies for each of these cohorts. Classes KG to VIII in Cohort 1, classes IX and X in Cohort 2 and classes, XI and XII, in Cohort 3”
As per the plan, “For Cohort 1 (KG to Class VIII), daily syllabus agnostic worksheets with content and questions/activities that will promote Reading, Writing, Understanding, Basic Numeracy and Happiness among children will be sent by teachers. Similarly for cohort 2 (Classes IX and X), daily subject-specific worksheets with subject-related content to strengthen the basic understanding of core subject matters among students. In the case of Cohort 3 (IX and XII), live online classes of upto 2 hours daily in 12 subjects having the highest enrollment starting with most basic topics would be conducted”.
*All Head of Schools have been asked to ensure that class teachers have the updated Whatsapp group of parents/students of their respective section*. Teachers will also maintain a list of the number of parents who are not available on Whatsapp.
Step by step process has been laid down by which students of classes KG to class 10 which are in Cohorts 1 and 2, will get specially developed worksheets through their class teachers on WhatsApp. *Those parents who are not in the WhatsApp group will be contacted over the phone by the concerned class teachers* and invited to the school to collect the worksheets for the entire weeks. Only the parents will be invited, following the physical distancing protocol.
The completed assignment would be sent back by children or their parents to the teacher through WhatsApp or those who collected worksheets physically will return back the completed assignment physically to the concerned teacher next week and pick up new worksheets.
*For students of class 12, live online classes will start from next week in 12 subjects having the highest enrolment*. These classes will be approximately 45 minutes each and not more than two classes a day. The respective subject teachers in the school will follow up with their students over phone/WhatsApp and clear doubts if any. For class 11 students, live classes will start after the readmission of students post the class 10 board exam results.
Further, apart from these regular teaching-learning activities, additional optional online teaching-learning activities will also be added from time to time to enhance the learning activities of students from their respective homes.
The Directorate of Education will track the coverage and effectiveness of the remote teaching-learning approach on a regular basis.
Delhi govt forms 12-member expert committee to explore economic reform measures to help businesses recover from the impact of Covid 19*
*The Committee will do a comprehensive analysis of the measures to be taken by various agencies, departments and businesses during COVID-19 pandemic*
*The Committee will explore reform measures that improve ease of doing business and shorten the process of economic recovery from impact due to COVID-19*
*DDC Vice-Chairperson Jasmine Shah to head the committee which has senior officials, industry representatives and experts as members*
NEW DELHI, July 2, 2020-The Delhi government on Thursday formed a 12-member expert committee to explore economic reform measures to help businesses recover from the impact of Covid 19. The committee will do a comprehensive analysis and make suggestions regarding the measures which should be initiated by various departments, autonomous bodies, local bodies, and MCDs to help the people and the businesses in the time of COVID-19 pandemic. Vice-Chairperson of Dialogue and Development Commission of Delhi (DDC), Mr Jasmine Shah, will head this committee. The other members of the committee are commissioners of the labour department and industries department, SDMC, special secretary of the environment department, and representatives of various industries including trade, manufacturing, automobile, finance and hospitality among others.
DDC Vice-Chairperson Mr Jasmine Shah said, "The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a devastating economic impact - nationally and in Delhi. By supporting the early opening up of the economy and creating a robust health care strategy centred around 5 key measures - widespread testing and isolation, increasing the number of beds, stocking pulse oximeters and oxygen concentrators, plasma therapy and survey and screening, Delhi government has set the ground for economic recovery. Through this Committee, we look forward to collaborating with key industry representatives and identifying specific additional measures that government agencies can take to shorten the process of economic recovery."
The order passed by the Delhi Disaster Management Authority regarding the formation of this committee noted, "The committee shall explore reform measures that improve ease of doing business in Delhi and shorten the process of economic recovery from the impact of COVID-19."
The order further noted, "The committee shall explore the possibility of renewal or automatic extension of existing licenses issued by the various department and local bodies (Labour license, shops and establishment registration, contractor license, nursing home registration etc) which stand expired after March 1, 2020, by a general order till March 31, 2021, without penalty or interest. The exception will be in categories such as excise, pollution control, fire where safety or revenue-related issues are involved. While doing so, the interests of labour should be protected."
"The committee shall explore the requirement or necessity of new licenses or NOCs issued by the various departments to identify the licenses which can be abolished or replaced with only prior intimation. Similarly, the logical periodicity of renewal of licenses be studies and suggestions made on whether unnecessary annual renewals need to be amended or abolished," noted the order.
This committee will also explore provisions of online license issuing systems or doorstep delivery of licensing systems. The key focus of the committee will be exploring economic reform measures that have the potential for revenue mobilisation for the Delhi government.
"The committee should explore international best practices that mega-cities and countries around the world are taking to enable economic recovery form COVID-19. The committee shall also examine and suggest penalties or fines or interest imposed on public or business due to COVID-19 pandemic, which can be waived off to remove undue financial hardship," the order noted.

This expert committee might also take up any other issues and suggest innovative measures to help people and business in distress.