CHANDIGARH,02.07.20-COVID -19 Lockdown has changed the means and media of Education to a great extent. Being online has become more than a fashion symbol, a need of the hour. Education is one of the sectors that is hit by harsh reality with months are washed away from academic calendar. It is common to think that students have been suffering during this period but observing closely one may find that school managements and teachers have been struggling alike in context of online education. Teachers who were not tech savvy, are now recording videos and organizing webinars, online classes, and meetings in context of Education. Teachers are trying their best to provide educational and mental support. However, in such situation agony of a sincere teacher becomes multifold when one is not able to provide materialistic resources such as Internet Connection to those students who are worthy but don’t have enough money to buy. Government Model High School RC-2 Dhanas is located in such an area where education is actually struggling to survive in background of technical and materialistic needs. Management and Teachers are putting their best efforts to mitigate. In order to raise the resources collaborating with Social Substance, a campaign is started by school ‘Donate Data’ on Jul 1, 2020. During first round several students from class Xth were identified and appeal was released on Social Media. With two days, graceful donors Prof. Krishan Mohan, Ms. Saranjeet Kaur, Dr. Kuldeep Kaur, and Acharya Munmun Goel extended their helping hands and first round of raising help is completed. Ms. Ravinder Kaur while thanking the donors assured that progress of all the students will be monitored and shared with them. Dr. Arun Bansal, Social Substance initiated and coordinated the campaign.