Ludhiana 29 June 2020-Department of Livestock Products Technology, Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences, University, Ludhiana organized National Webinar (Academia-Industry-Interface) on ‘Technological Innovation & Entrepreneurship in Animal Industry By- Products’ under the aegis of ICAR- Institutional Development Project of National Agricultural Higher Education Project. There was overwhelming response for the event and appx. 800 participants registered, however 100 were selected by the organizing committee. Dr Manish Kumar Chatli, Head of the department acted as organizing secretary informed that the dairy and meat industry in India is shaping up as a potential venture. Rapid growth and urbanization has catalyzed the growth of animal products industry to a new level. But every development has two faces. As we are striding towards a better future with the growth in processing of animal products, the waste arising from these activities are posing a serious concern. Various byproducts such as whey during the manufacturing of paneer/channa/cheese, ghee residues, similarly during meat production skin, hide, bones, blood, feathers etc. These byproducts are a source of revenue and employments generation, however its indiscriminate disposal leads to stress on environment and spread of diseases.

The participants represented 25 states and 2 union territories of India. The representation was across India from Jammu and Kashmir to Kerala, Gujarat to Mizoram and included students, faculty and industry personnel. Drs Vikas Pathak, DUVASU, Mathura and G.S. Meena, Scientist, National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal acted as the expert and presented their view on scope, potential, utilization and value of the byproducts of meat and milk industry, respectively. Mr Harmaan Madon, Managing Director, Madon Applied Sciences, Pune explained in details about the opportunities for the entrepreneurs in this area, and discussed requirements to become entrepreneur including zeal, passion, self-motivation as well as financial issues.

Dr. Parkash Singh Brar, Dean and Principal Investigator of the project highlighted the importance of the issue and encouraged the students to become employer than employee. Dr Inderjeet Singh, Vice Chancellor applauded the efforts of scientists for highlighting such an important issue and stressed on the need based research and development of liaison with the industry. Dr Siva Kumar and O.P Malav acted as coordinator of the programme. Dr Rajesh V. Wagh presented the vote of thanks to the experts and participants.