NEW DELHI,24.06.20-Atif Rasheed Sahab, Member- National Minority Commission provided meals to more people than 500 migrants and underprivileged for 90 days daily, who were affected by the Lockdown period on March 25 in the wake of the rapidly spreading novel coronavirus pandemic. He started a Janta Rasoi in South Delhi for feeding the needy one with his team of 9 members supported him for cooking the food and delivering it to the needed people. He has been providing a standardised package of rations “that can sustain a family of four for about two days”.

While Secretary of Seher Foundation Mr Suhail said that whether it’s your time, money or efforts, contribute whatever you can to make a difference in someone’s life that can also motivate others and inspire them to help the needy ones living in the vicinity. Danish Suhail- Planner and organiser for Seher Foundation initiated this plan of motivation and recognition with Mazhar and Faraz of Seher Foundation.

Seher Foundation Delhi based Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) awarded Atif Rasheed Sahab, Member- National Minority Commission and his team with a Trophy and Certificates of Corona Warriors at his Ministry of Minority Commission office, South Delhi.