CHANDIGARH,01.07.20-Hometel Chandigarh – Sarovar Hotel has reopened its doors and is ready to welcome their guests in the lap of comfort, well sanitised rooms and restaurant offering sumptuous delicacies ensuring our guests don’t miss out the Sarovar Hospitality that paused its operation due to the lockdown imposed nationwide.

Speaking to the reporters of India Calling News, NabenduAcharjee – General Manager of Hometel Chandigarh stated that Sarovar Hotel is a living brand. This brand has strong ethos and values and believes in being Human. During the lockdown also Hometel Chandigarh was distributing cooked food for over 1000 people everydayfor over 45 days since 24th March 2020 till 08th May 2020. We understood that people who live on daily wage or are stranded needed this support. We along with our staff members managed to the entire food distribution exercise that went along with the police and delegated NGOs through the SDM Office to distribute food. That was part of our social responsibility and commitment. The hotel was also visited by the Municipal Commissioner thanking the hotel for their contribution. Not only Hometel Chandigarh but the entire Sarovar Hotels & Resorts had contributed in their own way to the people at the time of need.

Now that the lockdown has eased, we have opened our services for the guests although our home delivery of food orders has been a hit from day one. We have decided to operate our restaurant at 40% capacity to ensure we continue to maintain the distance. We would now only be serving pre-plated menus and no buffets. Our staff members are well trained and follow all the guidelines and norms laid down by the FSSAI for hotel operations and other norms set by the Ministry to avoid spread of COVID 19.

Our hotel has been earmarked in various zones to ensure staff members understand the importance of the same and no overstepping is permitted. Right from the guest entrance to staff entrance the hotel displays sanitizers that our guests and staff members can use. Guests who are staying with us their baggage are disinfected before they are shifted to the rooms. The guest car handles are disinfected for them while they are parked. ULV Foggers ensures the hallways and public spaces are free from any form of pathogen. Limited usage of public space allows guests to maintain the required distance yet enjoy the facilities.

One of our strengths is also our banqueting, Hometel Chandigarh offers one of the largest banqueting space in the Tricity and we have done modifications there as well. This would allow our guests to have faith in us for the life time events that they hold with us. All ancillary services too have undergone transformation.

NabenduAcharjee – GM Also mentioned that the staff temperature is recorded every day, most of the working staff are staying in-house to ensure they do not have to travel out. Vendors are not allowed to enter the hotel and are met outside the premises as a precaution to keep infection at bay. He has been staying in the hotel and monitoring every activity in the hotel, interacting with the guests and understanding their ideas of doing things.

He said, we would love to see the Tricity back in the old form and the nation at large to remain free of the fear of the pandemic. These three months have been an absolute wash out for many and we strongly feel that the crisis time is fading gradually and we all should see a different form of life style evolving. Whatever the form we finally adopt, Hometel Chandigarh would love to be a part of the evolution journey and standing tall to make every experience of our guests a great one.