Ludhiana 18 June 2020-With the onset of summer season and coming of rains during the monsoon, comes the threat of milk spoilage. Though the milk is full of nutrition having about 85 per cent water, the presence of lactose and other nutrients alongside the water makes it a prefect medium for the growth of spoiling microorganisms. This information was shared by Dr. Amandeep Sharma from College of Dairy Science & Technology of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana. To prevent the degradation of milk quality during these summers and rainy days the dairy owners and milk handlers must keep themselves ready for the better handling of milk so that best quality can be provided to the consumers, milk plants and other sweets makers. A veterinary doctor should be consulted immediately if animal show any symptom of some disease. He also described some do's and don'ts in this manner. The milking should be done only for the healthy animal. The personal hygiene of the person handling the animal and milking should be maintained. The milking area should be properly cleaned. The udder and teats of the animal should be properly washed before milking. The utensils or milking machine should be properly washed before milking. The after-milking guidelines of the doctor should be followed. The milk storage vat/utensil must be washed thoroughly. Use only hot water to wash the milking equipment’s. The milk must be chilled immediately after the milking. The persons involving in milking must wash his/her hands thoroughly.

Dr. Sharma also advised some other remedies. The person having communicable disease must not milk the animal. Do not keep the milk at room temperature. Do not mix anything in milk as it is counted as adulteration. Do not use any sterilizer to wash the milking equipment’s. Do not follow any animal health related advice of any person other than the veterinary doctor. He said that with these practices one can deliver healthy product and win the confidence of consumer.