CHANDIGARH,22.05.20-Faced with unprecedented circumstances due to COVID-19 outbreak, it is quite natural for any human to experience overwhelming emotions; taking cognizance of this fact, Mehr Chand Mahajan DAV College for Women organized an activity on the theme of "Happiness Journal". Organized under the aegis of Geetanjali Student Forum, an online mental health initiative taken during the COVID-19 pandemic by the Geetanjali Counselling Helpline Committee of the college, the activity sought to introduce and aid the students in harnessing the benefits of journaling as a tool of healthy expression and managing mental health. Insightful reflections and wonderful memories were shared by 42 participants during this activity. This activity was conducted to ensure students maintain their emotional wellness, psychological well-being and are meaningfully engaged during the lockdown. As part of the activity, the students had to write about their most happiest moments yet. While recollecting and journaling about their best moments, the focus of the activity was on celebrating these little moments and feeling joyful. This project helped the students to notice what matters the most, relive their positive experiences and feel incredibly grateful. All the prize winners will be provided with certificates.

Lauding this novel initiative, Principal Dr. Nisha Bhargava asserted that indeed journaling is an interesting aspect of maintaining a healthy lifestyle for better management of stress, anxiety, and mental health conditions. She further informed that the college's Geetanjali Counselling Helpline Committee had been doing exceptional work during these trying times by providing students a platform for expression, sharing of concerns and getting counselling in the form of Geetanjali Student Forum.

The results of the contest are as follows:

First Prize: Nancy Sharma (Roll No. 7130)

Second Prize: Annanya Mahajan (Roll No.1198)

Third Prize: Isha (Roll No.7324)

Consolation Prizes:

1. Ritisha (Roll No.7675)

2. Anshika (Roll No.7369)

3. Sukhmandeep Kaur (Roll No.7658)

4. Garima Manchanda (Roll No.7313)

5. Saumya Singhla (Roll No. 7616)

6. Isha Gupta (Roll No.1359)

7. Surbhi (Roll No.7655)