KAPURTHALA,22.05.20-To mark International Biodiversity Day, Pushpa Gujaral Science City today organized a Webinar to create public awareness on the significance of biological diversity and nature, especially during the present COVID-19 pandemic crisis. The Webinar was focused on the theme ‘Our Solution are in Nature’. Director General,PushpaGujaral Science City,Dr. Neelima Jerath, who was also Founder Member Secretary of Punjab Biodiversity Board for 10 years, welcomed the speakers and pointed out that biodiversity was a global asset of tremendous value, which had not only ensured the stability of our ecosystems and food security, but had also directed trade and commerce in the past. However, man’s actions were leading to destruction of habitats and loss of many species, the potential of which was yet to be realized. She mentioned that the Covid Pandemic has brought this into focus and the year 2020 was a time to realize the importance of living in harmony with nature, reflect upon our actions and look for opportunities to find solutions to issues of our concern in nature.

A well known Biodiversity Expert and former UNESCO Specialist, Dr. Ram Boojh, in his talkmentioned that Covid-19 was a reminder that the human health is linked to the planet’s health. Heelaborated that 60% of known and 70% of emerging infectious diseasesoccur every year due to zoonosescausing one-billon illnesses and millions of deaths andadvised that 2020 was an year to ‘build back better’ by increasing resilience.

Principal Secretary, Science, Tech. & Environment, GoP,Mr. AlokShekhar, in his special message said that the current year theme of IBD emphasizes hope, solidarity and the importance of working together to build a life which is in harmony with nature. If biodiversity is kept intact, it will offer excellent tools to fight against pandemics like COVID-19. He appreciated Science City’s efforts to raise public education and awareness on this issue, in view of its importance to the society.

Along with the Webinar Science City is also organizing on-line Photography and Story writing Competitions for children and general public and will publish an e-book of stories out of the selected entries. The names of Award winners will be declared on World Environment Day.