CHANDIGARH,23.05.20-“ The Show must go on” is the mantra of life and life has a propensity to bounce back after embracing challenges. People around the world are being swept up by the outbreak of COVID-19 and the crisis has forced them to follow rules of lockdown which may be taking a toll on their regular health and beauty regimens.
Concerned with acute hygiene and beauty issues being faced by the people at large, Cleopatra chain of beauty & wellness has taken up the plunge to help and rewire the beauty industry by offering measures that promote healthful beauty habits and counter the crisis. Cleopatra launches ‘RESPONSIBLE & CONSCIOUS BEAUTY’ Protocol which will be initiated at all centers of Cleopatra. As a part of covid exit and rebound plan, the protocol makes a strong pitch for intertwining healthy practices into beauty treatments.
Cleopatra has always been a frontrunner in pushing the concept of ethical beauty, and with this fresh protocol, the brand goes a notch up in scaling and strengthening its efforts to promote healthful and safe beauty programs that remains optimum on hygiene and good health.
Richa Agarwal, founder of Cleopatra says, “We are constantly receiving calls from our clients to organize home salon services which we don’t promote because of the hygiene risks they carry. People, also, are anxious to learn when we will be reopening the salons, but currently we are not in a rush and are restructuring a fool-proof safety plan with all measures of health and hygiene in place to provide a safe salon environment. Counsellings on lifestyle modifications, immunity boosting diet and selfcare steps remain an additional measure taken up by us as a regulated and responsible brand."
We are going to initiate the following measures as part of protocol at all centers of Cleopatra :
-Maintain social distancing, adopt hands off protocol and wear gloves.
-Wipe and disinfect all stations and chairs with Sodium Hypochlorite solution
-Use AC on dry mode with temp 24°C to 26°C
--Keep disinfecting surfaces, countertops, door handles, tabletops, etc. throughout the day
-Designate a special person to open doors and sanitize clients' hands before entering and leaving the premises
-Use of Uv lamp /autoclave to sterilise all equipments used after every service
- Providing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including body suits, gloves, masks, glass shields, and sanitizers for all working staff to ensure their safety once they resume duties
- Daily thermal screening for all staff and client
- Online hygiene & safety training as per Govt issued (BWSSC) guidelines
-1-2 meter distance between workstations (headwash chair )
-Services by appointment only
-We will promote online payment gateways
-Use of unidose products and disposable gowns, bed sheets, towels etc
-Giving zero contact facial & services by use of hand held micro massager and equipment for facials.