Mohali, May 2, 2020-A Mohali based digital media startup which is a popular platform that has made a name for itself in the field of an event's listing, ticketing, online marketing, etc., has come up with an exclusive helpline connected with COVID-19. This internet address will act as a holistic ready-reckoner for any type of information that a needy resident of Tricity might require in these difficult times.

Sumeet Soni, Founder & CEO, Zapbuild said, "In this unprecedented situation a large section of our community has come up with different ways to serve our less privileged brothers and sisters. NGOs have led the charge here. A lot of good work is taking place but there has to be a one-stop source of information of the NGOs as well as other aspects connected with COVID-19 services. CityWoofer Helpline can be reached at +91-9201010196, and email address"

It is noteworthy that CityWoofer is contributing globally by providing free advertising credits to aid NGOs and even local health authorities to launch informational campaigns on the COVID-19 pandemic. The helpline is 24x7 and is handled by a team which verifies all incoming service requests and donations and properly channelizes the flow of these.