Ludhiana 13 April 2020-The staff of Livestock Farms of Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana is putting its best efforts for regular supply of milk, milk products and eggs at doorstep in the combined campus of PAU and GADVASU. Dr BK Bansal, Director, Livestock Farms informed that to fulfill the nutritional needs of staff they have maintained continuous supply chain during this lockdown. He revealed that the University Livestock Farms, housing 750 animals, 200 goats, thousands of poultry birds and cultivating 120 acres of land for fodder production. Its a challenge to run the farm activities during this period of COVID scare due to shortage of manpower. The farm produces 1600 kg of milk and 1500 eggs daily. The milk is cooled, processed, packed and distributed in the campus. For managing the farm work round the clock during the current situation of COVID-19, the work is managed with the minimum possible workforce. He also informed that workers are staying at the farm premises however at diverse places. The workers are well educated about the prevention of disease and are maintaining hygiene and social distancing. They are provided with face masks, and soaps for frequent washing of hands. The faculty contributed money to support the farm-workers. The workers are served with tea at the workplace, and those residing at the farm are served food. Besides, ration packs comprising of wheat flour, rice, sugar, tea leaves, oil, salt, spices, pulses, etc. were distributed among the farm-workers to support the food requirements of their family during these difficult times. Every worker is kept under observation for any possible health problem. Dr. A.S. Nanda, Vice-Chancellor of the University appreciated the farm faculty and staff who have put all the efforts to run the farm work, ensuring that dumb animals are not left alone on their own fate during these difficult times.