*Arvind Kejriwal's Operation SHIELD stopped COVID-19 spread at Dilshad Garden
*Sealing, Home Quarantine, Isolation and Tracking, Essential Supply, Local Sanitisation and Door-To-Door Checking; the key aspects of Operation SHIELD
*A lady who returned from Saudi Arabia found positive, 81 people were traced who came in contact with her at Dilshad Garden area
*Delhi govt took the help of CCTV cameras of the area to trace people who came in touch with the son of the lady who also went to Saudi Arabia
*Under OPERATION SHIELD 123 medical teams screened more than 15,000 people living in 4032 houses, hospitalized Corona suspects
*Delhi government with the help of Delhi Police imposed curfew in Dilshad Garden and Old Seemapuri
NEW DELHI,10.04.20-When the COVID-19 pandemic is spreading across the world including India the Delhi government under the leadership of Delhi Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal formulated OPERATION SHIELD to stop the further spread of COVID-19 at the Dilshad Garden area. In the last 10 days, there have been no reported cases from the Dilshad Garden area. Sealing, Home Quarantine, Isolation and Tracking, Essential Supply, Local Sanitisation and Door-To-Door Checking are the key aspects of OPERATION SHIELD. It will be enforced in neighbourhoods with a high concentration of COVID-19 cases.
*Dilshad Garden was the first successful implementation of OPERATION SHIELD: Shri Satyendar Jain
Delhi Health Minister Mr Satyendar Jain said, " I feared a massive COVID-19 outbreak at Dilshad Garden area after 7 people were found positive. It was transmitted from the woman who returned from Saudi Arabia and found COVID-19 positive. Thereafter Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal instructed to implement OPERATION SHIELD at Dilshad Garden. It was the first implementation. Under OPERATION SHIELD 123 medical teams screened more than 15,000 people living in 4032 houses. Thousands of people were quarantined and tests were done. The hard work of the health officials and the successful implementation of the OPERATION SHIELD made Dilshad Garden Coronavirus free."
*The case at a glance
A 38-year-old woman and her son (19-year old) returned to Delhi from Saudi Arabia after meeting her husband on March 10. On March 12 she developed fever and cough, therefore, seen a local doctor. On March 15 the woman was taken to GTB hospital where the doctors referred her to the RML hospital. On March 17 she tested positive, on March 18 the authorities traced that she had met nearly 81 people after returning from Saudi Arabia, on March 20 her brother and mother also tested positive, on March 21 her two daughters tested positive and on March 22 the local doctor who first saw her tested positive.
*How Arvind Kejriwal’s Operation SHIELD protected Dilshad Garden
The Delhi government made Dilshad Garden a containment zone and OPERATION SHIELD was activated after a 38-year-old woman who returned from Saudi Arabia was detected positive and infected eight others including a mohalla clinic doctor. The Delhi government traced all the people who came in touch with the lady and quarantined them. The Delhi government took the help of CCTV cameras to find out the movement of her son and traced the places or the people he visited. OPERATION SHIELD was activated and the curfew was imposed in the area (Dilshad Garden and Old Seemapuri). The Delhi police and the Delhi government worked together to make this plan a success. District Administration Officer of Shahdara Dr SK Nayak overviewed the whole work.
"When the woman tested positive for COVID-19, we rushed to her residence to ask her family for names and addresses of people who had visited them since March 10, the date of her return from Dubai. Her son was not very cooperative, so we had to seek the help of the local police to get information. We also used footage from the CCTV cameras installed near their home to identify some people who needed to be put under surveillance," said Dr Nayak.
Out of the 11 points that lead to Sector L of Dilshad Garden, which reported most cases, nine have been completely shut with police barricades and neither vehicles nor pedestrians are allowed, not even essential services ones. Authorities also announced through microphones to appraise the residents about the situation and urged them to come out if they have met the family.
Under the OPERATION SHIELD, the Delhi government formed 123 medical teams to tackle the situation of the area. Each team surveyed around 50 homes and asked a set of question. Any person who has met the family was quarantined or shifted to the GTB hospital for medical treatment and testing. In the area, the Delhi government has screened nearly 4032 houses and nearly 15,000 people. Along with this, an action plan was prepared with the help of the District Magistrate of Shahadra. The Delhi government took help fro the police and the MCD. The whole area was sealed along with the Old Seemapuri after a Mohalla clinic doctor tested positive.
"The Delhi government is still tracking the people of the area and if there is symptom then they are being quarantined. The Delhi government will also initiate random testing of the residents soon. By working round the clock in the last 15 days, OPERATION SHIELD was successful at Dilshad Garden. There is not a single positive case in the last more than 10 days from the area," said Dr Nayak.
*The key aspects of OPERATION SHIELD
*Sealing* of the immediate area/surroundings after geographical marking
*Home quarantine* of all the people living in the area
*Isolation and Tracing* of people who have been first and second contacts
*Essential Supply* of commodities is ensured
*Local Sanitisation* of the area by authorities
*Door to Door* health Checks of everyone living in the area
Delhi govt releases Rs 5,000 assistance amount to 7,242 workers who applied for registration in second phase
-A week ago Delhi govt released Rs 5,000 assistance to 32,358 construction workers through Delhi Labour Welfare Board
-Delhi govt directly transferring assistance money in the account of the construction workers
The Delhi government has released an assistance of Rs 5,000 for 7,242 construction workers of Delhi who had applied for registration but their application was pending with the Delhi Labour Welfare Board in the second phase. In this regard, the Delhi government has released a total of Rs 3.6 crore. A week ago the Delhi government had given the assistance amount to 32,358 registered construction workers. The money is being transferred directly to the account of these labourers.
To tackle the Coronavirus outbreak, India is under 21 days lockdown. The Delhi government is working hard to ensure every basic facility to the people. The Delhi government is very concerned with the economic crisis faced by poor people due to this lockdown, therefore, Delhi CM Mr Kejriwal last week announced the assistance to Construction workers.
Amid the surge in cases of Coronavirus in Delhi, CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal announced a heap of measures, such as doubling pension under various pension schemes of the Delhi government, free ration for 71 lakh beneficiaries and free food in the night shelters across the city. The Delhi government has also decided to double the pension under the widow pension scheme for 2.5 lakh beneficiaries, the old-age pension scheme for 5 lakh beneficiaries, and disability pension scheme for 1 lakh beneficiaries. The beneficiaries have already started getting the amount.
Delhi govt installs full-body sanitization machines at the gates of Azadpur wholesale market
-This technology will protect every person entering the Mandi from COVID-19 infection: Shri Gopal Rai
-The full-body sanitisation will be done at the time of entry and exit: Shri Gopal Rai
-After monitoring this system the Delhi government will install similar machines in all Mandis of Delhi: Shri Gopal Rai
To contain the spread of COVID-19, the Delhi government on Friday installed two sanitization tunnels at the gates of Azadpur Mandi. Every person entering Azadpur Mandi, Asia’s largest wholesale market, will have to go through the tunnel to get sanitized. Development Minister of Delhi Mr Gopal Rai said that depending on the success of the system the Delhi government will install such machines in all the mandis of Delhi.
"The Azadpur Mandi is functional as it supplies the essential items for the residents of entire Delhi. The Delhi government has installed two full-body sanitization machines at the gate of the mandi. Every person entering and exiting the Mandi will have to pass through these machines. This will protect the people from the COVID-19 infection," said Mr Rai.
He added that every person who enters or exits the mandi will have to go through this machine where disinfectant will be sprayed automatically on them and sanitize them. "This machine is developed by IIT, Delhi. Depending on the success of the sanitisation units will be set up at all the mandis of Delhi," said Mr Rai.
"I have instructed the traders to maintain and ensure social distancing. The government has also marked circles in front of the shops. In one circle one person will stand and this is to ensure social distancing. Special attention will be given to the cleanliness of the mandi. I have instructed all the labourers and traders to wear masks. The Delhi government is distributing masks to everyone here. To sensitize the workers here we are distributing pamphlets and disinfectants are being sprayed daily at the mandi. We are also providing morning and evening meals to the drivers and labourers of the mandi," he said.