Chandigarh April 1, 2020
Website for PU UG Law launched
Panjab University has launched the website for UGLAW-2020 for Entrance
Test for Admission to B.A./B.Com LL.B. (Hons.) 5 years Integrated
Course at UILS Chandigarh, UILS Hoshiarpur and UIL Ludhiana.
Interested candidates can register at and
pay their Test Fee Online
Chandigarh April 1, 2020
Amidst the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic outbreak, around 270
stranded labourers were traced in sector 14 and 25 of the Panjab
University campus with little or no ration left with them. These
labourers belong to the state of UP, Chattisgarh and Bihar etc. They
are left with no money and they were clueless as there was no scope of
getting out or availing anything inside the campus.

The team of student volunteers from Centre for Social Work, Panjab
University consisting of Shubham , Narendra Singh and Sukhdev Singh
traced them informed Dr. Gaurav Gaur, Assistant Professor, Center for
Social Work who coordinated the whole campaign.

He shared that with the coordination and support of donors, initially
cooked food twice a day was served to all these people for few days by
these volunteers. Today, they were provided with packets of dry
ration to them which included the following items like rice, wheat
flour, Sugar, mustard oil, salt, cereals and turmeric.

While appreciating the efforts of all these volunteers, Gaur said that
unity binds us and we all stand strong in this time of such adversity.
He said that we are trying to follow the core value of Social Work
which Service and volunteers have proved it so far, so well.
Chandigarh April 1, 2020

Department of NSS Panjab University, Chandigarh under the mentorship
of Dr. Navdeep Sharma, Programme Coordinator, NSS, is actively
participating in creating awareness regarding the pandemic Coronavirus
and helping the people across the city.
Signifying the importance of the motto of NSS i.e. ‘Not me, But you’,
the department of NSS is playing an active role in sensitising people
about Coronavirus.
The Programme Officers are performing an important role during this
pandemic. Dr. Gaurav Gaur, Assistant Professor, Centre for Social
Work, Panjab University; Dr. Nirmal Singh, Assistant Professor,
Department of Evening Studies, and Dr. Navneet Kaur, Department of
Geography have created network which is providing essential services
including ration, milk, fruits and vegetables to needy people
including construction workers, elderly and those staying alone across
Panjab University, Chandigarh.
They are also helping the Chandigarh administration by accompanying
the buses used for the supply of fruits and vegetables and taking
mobile ATM vans at the door steps of the residents.
Dr. Gaurav Gaur, Assistant Professor, Centre for Social Work, Panjab
University and his team came with a thoughtful intervention to provide
milk and ration items to the children of construction workers at
Panjab University.
Apart from the Programme Officers, the student volunteers are
proactively involved in awareness dissemination and distribution of
essential services to the needy.
One of the NSS Volunteer Ms. Ritika Verma, from Department of
Anthropology has made a YouTube video in which she appealed to the
citizens to stay at home. She took an initiative to collaborate with
Health Centre Staff in Mohali for her ‘Covid Mukhat Abhiyan’ at this
crucial stage in her village. She has been telling people about
Covid-19 symptoms such as cold, cough and fever converting into joint
pain and uneasy to sustain and breathing problem. Also, she suggested
preventive measures such as washing hands for at least 20 seconds,
covering mouth with arms while coughing and sneezing and social
distancing. Various other NSS volunteers have also made videos for
sensitising people about Covid-19 in different languages.
Another NSS Volunteer Ms. Megha Mittal from Centre for Social Work has
also come forward and is doing a lot of work like sanitising the
buildings and doors and explaining the importance of social distancing
at Barwala, Haryana.
Some of the NSS volunteers who are working selflessly for helping the
people alongwith NSS Programme Officers Dr. Gaurav Gaur, Assistant
Professor, Centre for Social Work; Dr. Nirmal Singh; and Dr. Navneet
Kaur are : Ms. Garima Sharma, Research Scholar, Community Education
and Disability Studies; Ms. Nitiya Gulati, Senior Research Fellow,
Women Studies; Mr. Shubham, Mr. Narendra and Mr. Sukhdev from Centre
for Social Work ; Binesh Bhatia, Ritika Verma and Sandeep .
Chandigarh April 1, 2020
PU makes Salary on time
The Panjab University Chandigarh has been able to process the payment
of salary and pension for its employees for the month of March which
will be credited to the bank accounts of respective beneficiaries on
the 1st working day of April, i.e, 3rd April, informed Sh Vikram
Nayyar,Finance Development Officer.

He further informed that even the salary of temp/daily wage employees
(the usual due date of which is 7th of the month) has been processed
with the regular staff. All project staff bills, which have been
received till 31.3.2020, have also been processed.

He acknowledged the contribution of officials of accounts ,finance
department and Audit who worked sincerely in the time of crisis to
reset the salary of approx 5000 employees and 1800 pensioners.

He added that in order to process the left out Project Staff bills (if
any) and Guest Faculty bills, the office shall again work in the
second week of April.

Prof Raj Kumar Vice-Chancellor appreciated the efforts of the team
work in timely completion of the job in the challenging situation of
Covid19 lockdown.
Chandigarh April 1, 2020
PU gets Project Fund of 72.94 Lacs

Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of
India has sanctioned a project title ‘Capacity Building and Research
Entrepreneurship Centre in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and
Internet of Things
for SC/ST’ with total financial outlay of Rs. 72.94 Lacs.

The research team led by Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Associate Professor in
CSE, UIET, consists of Dr. Amandeep Verma, Dr. Puneet Jai Kaur, Dr.
Harish Kumar, Dr. Sakshi Kaushal, Dr. Akashdeep from UIET, Panjab

Project aims the setup and execution of training and research facility
in fields of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things
(IoT)etc. for up-skilling the youth particularly from SC/ST, and to
make them industry ready. It will provide opportunity to reorient
students in the light of emerging technologies by providing special
skill trainings apart from regular studies with the help of modules on
Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and IoT.
The courses will be a combination of essential theoretical principles,
practical hands on elements, and industrial Use Cases. Healthy
learning and research environment will be provided to the targeted
youth for discussions and interaction with the industry/academic
experts. World class infrastructure and computing facilities will be
made available to them for performing experiments leading to
prototype/product development.
The youth will have the opportunity to work on live projects.
Participants will be introduced to tools and platforms to improve
their technical competence making them industry ready and hence
strengthening the technical workforce.
In Artificial Intelligence theme, it has fourfold mission: excellence
in artificial intelligence research, to build a vibrant community of
intellectuals, researchers and students those apply AI to solve real
industry specific problems, teaching and outreach in artificial
intelligence & machine learning, and Research based Entrepreneurship.
Some of the focused areas under AI will be Data Science, Natural
Language Processing and Deep Learning.
Big Data refers to the analysis of large data sets to find trends,
correlations or other insights not visible with smaller data sets or
traditional processing methods. There is no doubt that the industries
are going ablaze with the huge eruption of data. Big Data theme will
offer specialization in Hadoop, Map-Reduce Framework, Apache Hive,
HBase, Scala etc. leading to the applications in community spread
prediction of diseases, crime prediction, trend detection, fraud
detection, sentiment analysis etc.
Most innovative technologies these days involve sensors & cloud
platform integration, learning IoT can help the participants to shape
their career greatly. Internet of Things (IoT) theme will offer: Cloud
Computing, basic electronic components, interfacing different sensors
with microcontroller, Arduino, RaspBerry Pi, wireless technologies,
and Android application development.
The final step of capacity building will be to make the youth apply
the learned technologies in solving the real-life problems being faced
by the society. Some of the real-life problems to be targeted by the
participants will be: water quality monitoring system, local transport
tracking system, health monitoring system, location tracking system,
waste management system, demand-supply (books and stationary) etc.

Panjab University,ISSER is making use of various e-teaching-learning practices during this extra ordinary period of closure of the University for the five ongoing semesters (II, IV. VIII & X), informed Ms Swarnjit Kaur, Coordinator,Panjab University Institute of Social Science Education and Research. This includes:

  1. What's app group of JAAC was created to apprise it of the need to adopt e-teaching methods to compensate for formal class room teaching during the outbreak of the current pandemic and also to involve guest faculty into the changed format of teaching till reopening of the University.
  2. English Language and Academic Writing Skills teachers of Semester II & Semester IV are effectively using Google Classroom to complete the remaining part of the syllabus.
  3. Punjabi Language teacher is making use of what's app to post audio recording of lectures for students of Semester II.
  4. Teachers teaching Economics, Geography, History and History and Culture of Punjab, are making reading material available to students through e-mails and are also attending to students' queries.
  5. Public Administration teachers are making use of SWAYAM and referencing links for the purpose.
  6. Psychology, Political Science, Sociology and Research Methods teachers are making use of You Tube videos, e-pathshala, PPTs and what's app groups.
  7. Links of open access journals sent by the Director of the Computer Centre are being regularly posted on the students-teachers' what's app groups.
  8. Arrangements are being put in place even for the non-credit but qualifying courses and a few two credit courses as well.

The guest faculty is also actively involved in on line teaching.


In view of University Lockdown due to Covid19, welfare of students staying in PU hostels is of utmost importance. Prof RK Singla,Dean Research interacted on telephone with various students of girls hostel number 7 and boys hostel number 3 to find out about their well being. He advised them to take full care in following guidelines issued for Coronavirus. The students shared their satisfaction in terms of food, cleanliness and security in time of lockdown.