*We have supplied ration across 1000 ration shops in Delhi, 71 lakh people will receive 7.5 kgs free ration: CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal
-*Food arrangements in 568 schools and 238 night-shelters in Delhi, flying squad teams are also distributing food packets across the city: CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal
-*Ministers and MLAs are appealing to the people who are leaving to stay back; we have arranged food and shelters for you, my appeal to such people to stay in Delhi: CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal
-*We should learn from other nations, if we do not abide by lockdown, we may suffer from the outbreak: CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal
NEW DELHI,28.03.20-Addressing a digital conference on Saturday, CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal announced that 568 schools across the city have been converted into food centers to supply food to the needy. He also said that 238 night-shelters are also supplying food across the city, and a total of 800-825 centers are distributing food in Delhi. Apart from that, government flying squads are also supplying food packets to the people. He also urged the people leaving the city to stay back, since arrangements for food and shelters have been made for them. He also said that people need to learn from the situations arising in other nations, migrating in huge groups will expose them to the risk of contacting COVID-19.
CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, "The Delhi government is working hard to ensure that the people of Delhi remain safe and healthy. Our capacity for providing food to 4 lakh people across the city is ready. Today, arrangements have been made in 568 schools for the city, and food is also being served in 238 night-shelters. Around 800-825 total food shelters have been created in Delhi."
"The Delhi government's flying squads are also distributing food items to the needy across the city. It was the first day of serving 4 lakh people with food. There must be shortcomings and teething problems in the centers, I hope things will be streamlined from tomorrow and there will be no problems. I want to thank Radha Soami Satsang Organisation, ISKCON, Akshay Patra and Gurudwara associations who are helping us in this initiative," he added.
He urged the people who are leaving the city to stay back. He said, "We have been witnessing through media and social media that people are leaving the city to go back to their villages. We are trying everything to stop them. I have talked to the MLAs, who are visiting their constituencies and appealing to such people to stay in Delhi, and that we are arranging for food and shelter for them. We have been able to stop some of them, but all of the others are worried about their future as they think it is going to be a long process. I want to appeal to them again that the Delhi government has made all arrangements for you and we are trying our best to help you."
"I also want to say that the decision to implement a nation-wide lockdown announced by the Hon'ble Prime Minister is absolutely necessary. If we do not abide by the lockdown, we are exposing our nation to the risk of the COVID-19 outbreak as we have observed in other nations. Migrating in huge groups will also expose us to the risk of coronavirus. Please stay wherever you are," said CM Shri Kejriwal.
He said that the Delhi government also arranged for night shelters in the schools situated on the borders for the people who are stuck there. " Manish Sisodia Ji himself visited the area to request people to stay in the government night shelters," said the CM.
From today, the Delhi government has started supplying ration through 1000 shops. The rest of shops will also start supplying soon. 71 lakh people will received 7.5 kgs of free ration. In the ration shops, a representative of the MLA from that constituency will be there to make sure that social distancing is practiced.
CM Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, "We heard that Hon'ble PM of UK, Mr. Borris Johnson, has also been tested positive for COVID-19. Along with him, Prince Charles and the Health Minister of the UK have also been tested positive. This shows us the intensity of the outbreak. The most developed nations in the world, such as the UK, the USA, France, Italy, Germany, etc, have been worst hit by COVID-19."
"I also saw a message from a doctor belonging to some other nation on social media, explaining how there is a huge load on the hospitals there. There are not enough ventilators and beds in those hospitals, that they have started prioritizing the lives of the young over the elders. We have to stay at home to stay safe. I know the lockdown is causing difficulties but it is important for our safety," added the CM.
*Delhi govt sets up an innovative way to issue e-passes, over 26,000 e-passes issued to essential service providers*
- *Delhi govt has issued 1364 e-passes and 561 normal passes to vehicles carrying essential goods*
- *Many state govts have reached out to know about the system of e-passes implemented in Delhi*
NEW DELHI, March 28, 2020-Amid the nationwide lockdown over the Coronavirus outbreak in India, the Delhi government is ensuring e-passes are smoothly issued to the essential service providers along with normal passes. Till date, the Delhi government has issued 26,447 e-passes to the essential service providers. The Delhi government is not only issuing passes to the essential service providers but also issuing passes to the vehicles carrying the essential commodities. Till date, the Delhi government has issued over 1300 e-passes and over 500 normal passes to the vehicles carrying essential commodities. Many state governments have sought more information on the e-pass system implemented by the Delhi govt to implement the same in their respective states.
The Delhi government under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal came up with a solution for private-sector employees engaged in essential services who need to be out during the Coronavirus lockdown and are being stopped by the police. At a joint press conference with Hon’ble Lieutenant Governor Mr Anil Baijal this Wednesday, Mr Kejriwal announced that e-passes will be issued to vegetable vendors, grocers, milk sellers and other essential service providers to ensure smooth supply of daily use items in Delhi during the 21-day lockdown implemented to stop the spread of coronavirus.
The Delhi government has given the responsibility of issuing this passes to all the officers of District magistrates of 11 districts. Till date, the Delhi government has issued 26,447 e-passes to the people providing essential services and 1364 e-passes to the vehicles carrying essential commodities. The Delhi government has also rejected 46,299 applications for e-passes and 47,914 applications are pending approval. In addition, the Delhi govt has received 10,744 duplicate applications, whose e-passes have already been issued. According to the data the New Delhi district has witnessed the highest number of people who have received these passes, followed by South Delhi.
After the lockdown was announced the Delhi government witnessed that many of the essential service providers are facing problem to travel because they do not have company ID cards. The Delhi government has also requested the police that till the time the government is working to provide these passes the police should allow people who are carrying essential commodities. The Delhi government has also clarified that no citizen will require such passes to visit the nearby markets or shops to buy essential commodities.
The Delhi government has started a helpline number-1031-where people can call to get these passes. Chief Minister Mr Arvind Kejriwal has appealed to people not to make requests for passes if they are not engaged in essential services. He clarified that 1031 is not a general helpline and urged please not to make general calls as it would lead to congestion of the line. He clarified that people do not need passes for going to their nearby ration shops, general stores or chemists.
The Delhi government is working 24×7 to provide the e-passes to the people who are providing essential services: Shri Kailash Gahlot
"The Delhi government is working 24×7 to provide the e-passes to the people who are providing essential services. We are providing as many passes as possible and in every possible way, we are ensuring that all essential services providers get the passes. While issuing the passes we are scrutinising the requests thoroughly because these passes are only for the people who provide essential services. Anyone who has applied for the passes but does not provide essential services is not getting these passes. The officials of the revenue department are working very hard to provide these passes. This is a very difficult time but the Delhi government is fully committed to providing all the essential services like grocery, medicine, milk, vegetables, ration and other essential goods. In the end, I will request everyone to stay indoors and follow the orders of the government. Maintaining social distance and following the lockdown orders are the only way to fight this virus. The Delhi government will ensure that you get every essential commodity at your nearby shops but you should only leave when it is very urgent and essential," said Revenue Minister of Delhi Mr Kailash Gahlot.
Every pass has a unique QR code and the police can check the authenticity of the pass through that: Shri Gopal Mohan
"If you call the 1031 number an SMS is sent will be sent to your mobile number with a link to submit basic details along with the copy of a government identity card. The district officials concerned will issue the e-pass following scrutiny of documents and eligibility. Every pass has a unique QR code and the police can check the authenticity of the pass through that. There is also a link available online which can be used to apply for these passes. Rush is very high that is why many people are getting 1031 number busy but we will resolve the issues soon. I will request to follow the above procedures and not any other procedure of reaching out to individual DM offices as that will take more time," said Mr Gopal Mohan, Member of Dialogue & Development Commission.
The details required are Name, Address, Details of Essential services, Copy of ID card any like Aadhar, voter card etc, Vehicle registration number (required for vehicle carrying essential goods or person engaged).
A helpline — 1031 — and an online platform — epass.jantasamvad.org/epass/init — have been created to generate colour-coded e-passes, which would be sent on the WhatsApp number of the applicant after verification.
The online and telephonic requests are directly transferred to the 11 district administrations, where modules with multiple computers manned by more than 10 people have been set up. The colour codes of the passes are based on the nature of service for easy identification.
After an applicant calls for the e-pass, an SMS is sent to his mobile number with a link to submit basic details along with the copy of a government identity card. The district officials concerned will issue the e-pass following scrutiny of documents and eligibility. The e-passes will remain valid till April 14. Misuse will attract penal punishment.
Accounts of beneficiaries
Akshai Kaicker, Chemist
Akshay is a resident of South Delhi and a chemist in the profession. 35-year-old Akshay applied for the pass through the website link and he received the pass within an hour. “I am very impressed by the service of the Delhi government. On the first day of the lockdown, I have faced issues to go out and reach to my workplace as the police obstructed the movement for all. After the announcement by the Delhi chief minister, I applied for a pass through the given website link and I received the pass within an hour. This is a tough time for all and my family was also very worried because I had to leave for work. Right now as a chemist it is my duty to serve the people of Delhi and India, therefore, this bus was much needed and I want to thank Mr Kejriwal for doing this for us.
Atul Kumar Sharma, General store owner
Atul Kumar Sharma is a resident of South Delhi and he owns a grocery shop. 46-year-old Atul applied for the pass by calling 1031 and received it within a day. “After the announcement of the lockdown I was in a dilemma because at one site people was asking me to open the shop so that they can buy grocery items and on the other hand authorities was asking to keep the shop is closed I’m not to come out to the street. After the announcement by the Delhi chief minister, I immediately apply for the pass and received it within 24 hours. I am happy that in this tough time of India due to the help of Mr Arvind Kejriwal I am being able to serve the nation and the people of Delhi. “
Dania Anjum, Compounder
Dania Anjum is a resident of east Delhi and she is a compounder working with the clinic. She applied for the pass through the website link and received it within four hours. “Right now like all other clinics our clinic also has a huge rush. But after the announcement of lockdown, my parents and I were very worried to come out of home and reach the clinic. The doctor of the clinic suggested me to apply for the pass And shared the website link. I am thankful to Mr Arvind Kejriwal for this prompt and very needed action. I receive the pass within four hours and from then I am not facing any problem to travel to the clinic. “
" Shri Rajendra Pal Gautam visits Anand Vihar - Appeals to the public, not to leave Delhi"
28th March 2020-On Saturday, Cabinet Minister Shri Rajendra Pal Gautam visited Anand Vihar depot where hundreds of migrants were attempting to leave Delhi amid the Lockdown.
In the light of countrywide lockdown due to COVID outbreak, many poor migrants and daily wage labourers whose livelihood has been adversely affected were forced to leave their homes in Delhi.
On Saturday, hundreds of them were seen stranded around Anand Vihar Bus depot in a hope to find public transport to return to their respective villages.
Cabinet Minister, Shri Rajendra Pal Gautam went to Anand Vihar to meet them and requested them to stay back in the city as the Delhi Govt. has made special arrangements for their food and other basic necessities in various Shelters across Delhi.
In the video uploaded on Minister's official Twitter account, he is seen making an appeal to the citizens.
"My appeal to the people walking back to their villages to return to their homes in Delhi. The Delhi Govt. has ensured that each one of you has an adequate supply of food. We have arranged for food and other necessities in our night shelters as well as in various Govt. schools. There is no need to worry." - Shri Rajendra Pal Gautam
Concerned about the health of these people, Shri Rajendra Pal Gautam also appealed that people should stay where they are and not put their lives at risk.
"The purpose of the lockdown is to stop the transmission of this virus. We are extremely concerned about the health of the citizens and it is my appeal to everyone, to not put their lives on risk. We are here to look after their food, shelter and other necessities. We request them to stay indoors during this crucial time and go out only when it is necessary. " - Shri Rajendra Pal Gautam
The Minister of Social Welfare also said " Several of these migrants are daily wage labourers and amid the lockdown, their livelihood has been adversely affected. The Kejriwal Govt. has ensured that nobody will sleep hungry in Delhi. For that several arrangements have been made in our night shelters and Delhi Govt schools for food."
Shri Arvind Kejriwal, yesterday in his press briefing announced that food will now be served in 325 govt schools after which the govt will officially have the capacity to feed 4 lakh people across 500 centres.
The Delhi govt also deployed 100 to transport people who are already walking back via roads to their respective home states.
Ration will be available on all FPS, 7 days without any weekly off- Imran Hussain
- 7.5 kg food grains will be given free to the beneficiaries of NFSA in April - Imran Hussain
New Delhi: 28-03-2020 -Food & Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Minister Shri Imran Hussain, today reviewed the preparation of Food and Civil Supplies (F&S) Department and Delhi State Civil Supplies Corporation (DSCSC) for providing free ration to the National Food Security Act beneficiaries at 50% enhanced entitlement for the month of April 2020 in order to effectively overcome the emergent situation arising out of pandemic Corona virus. Senior officers of F&S Department and DSCSC informed the minister that ration has started arriving at more than 1150 Fair Price Shops as per drawn up Time Schedule and that ration at remaining FPSs will also reach well before 29th March 2020. Moreover, where ration has reached, process of distributing ration is being started.
F&S minister informed that various MLAs are in regular touch with him and that MLAs are also keen and eager for early and convenient distribution of free ration to the poor and needy beneficiaries. He requested MLAs and FPS dealers to regularly educate and guide beneficiaries for maintaining prescribed social distancing norms and not to panic while receiving ration.
F&S minister also appealed to the beneficiaries to scrupulously follow the guidelines of the Government while receiving ration in their own interest. They should not overcrowd the ration shop; they should wear face masks and should cooperate with FPS dealers, staff and Civil Defence Volunteers especially stationed by Delhi Government for smooth and hassle-free ration distribution. Hon’ble Minister further assured the beneficiaries that sufficient ration is available for all of them and that there is no need to create panic by rushing to ration shops for obtaining ration. Ration will be available on all 7 days without any weekly off.
Shri Imran Hussain also directed that FPS dealers and their helpers should wear face masks and use hand sanitizers while distributing the ration to beneficiaries.
Govt. of NCT of Delhi has already decided to supply free ration (wheat and rice) for the month of April, 2020. The GNCTD has also decided to provide each NFS ration beneficiary with 7.5 Kg of food grains (including 6 Kg of wheat and 1.5 Kg of rice) in place of existing monthly entitlement of 5 kg of food grains (including 4 kg of wheat and 1 kg of rice) for each beneficiary for the month of April 2020. The Government has also enhanced entitlement of NFS ration beneficiaries for the month of April 2020 by 50 % of existing entitlement thus making it 150%. Further this enhanced ration for the month of April, 2020 is being distributed ‘free of cost’ to all the beneficiaries by more than 2000 Fair Price Shops.
F&S Minister observed that adequate precautions for controlling the spread of Corona Virus need to be taken. He also appealed to the citizens of Delhi to follow the instructions issued by the Delhi Government time to time so that people can be protected from the life threatening COVID-19 Corona Virus.