Chandigarh March 27, 2020


Enactus team of Panjab University led by faculty advisor Prof. Seema Kapoor

got selected in the first phase of evaluation for 1 Race 4 Oceans
along with other 23 teams worldwide, which was announced through email
today by Ms. Emily Gray, Senior Project Specialist, Global
Development, Enactus Worldwide.

She informed that107 innovative projects from 20 countries entered the
Race and project “DHRA” of Enctus P.U. team advanced to the next round
of judging. 1 Race 4 Oceans is a new global endeavor with 4 main focus
areas: Pollution, Habitat Loss, Overfishing and Climate Change and
seeks to challenge Enactus students around the world to address the
degradation of ocean ecosystems and charting the right course for our
planet’s most important waters. “The focus is exclusively on engaging
and developing ‘Gen Z’ – who are better equipped and more passionate
about sustainable change than any other generation in recent history,”
expressed by Enactus Worldwide President and CEO Rachael Jarosh.

Enactus team of Panjab University is successfully running two
projects namely project “DHRA”and project “UDAY”. Project Dhra aims to
enhance the lives of potters by promoting the art of pottery as well
as eradicating the use of plasticware. Project Uday works on similar
lines by eliminating the use of plastic bags through bringing up cloth
bags into use.

The team is joyous about its selection and is looking forward to
working hard in the final round, conveyed Prof. Seema Kapoor. Out of
these 24 teams selected, top 3 to 5 teams will advance to 1 Race 4
Oceans Impact Competition being held in September 2020 at Enactus
World Cup, Utrecht, Netherlands. Also top 3 to 5 finalist teams will
have the opportunity to receive a portion of $25,000 USD project
scaling funding, conveyed Mr. Harleen Singh, team president. Mr. Singh
said that the team members are leaving no stones unturned to conserve
the environment and to uplift the society.

The team is humbled and grateful to Prof. Emanual Nahar, Dean Student
Welfare and Prof. Neena Capalash, Dean Student Welfare (women) and
higher authorities of Panjab University for always motivating and
encouraging Enactus team for its social endeavors.
Chandigarh March 27, 2020
PU takes Measures for online teaching

Chairperson, Department Computer Science and Applications, Panjab
University, Chandigarh,

Jasleen Kaur Bains, informed that the following measures have been
taken for online teaching:

1. Communicating with all the students via common email id of the
various classes. The common email id's have been communicated by
Chairperson to all the faculty members.

We are sending e-material in form of notes, presentations, program
codes with step by step instructions to run them, video
links(YouTube) and ebooks.

We are also giving them e-assignments after completion of topics which
they will be submitting.

2. For attending to queries related to material. Students have been
encouraged to either email the queries or watsapp the same on faculty
number/email id. In addition to this a common watsapp group for
classes have been formed with teachers as members of the group for
prompt communication.

3. Some faculty members having their personal webpages have uploaded
the e-material on the same for availability to all students.
Chandigarh March 27, 2020

The advisory committee constituted by Prof Raj Kumar,Vice
chancellor,Panjab University yesterday,chalked out plan on the basis
of recommendations by the committee.

Various Actions based on the suggestions are as follows:

At Fruit/ vegetable vendor stall, every customer tries to
select the best items out of the lot. In the process, everyone touches
all the items. It makes that others can catch the virus from surface
of these items. Vendor be instructed to give the items to customers
himself. Also, the vendor should wear gloves etc.


ACTION: Vendors will be informed by Security Personnel to do the
needful. As advised by CMO, Fruit & vegetable vendors be instructed to
use hand sanitizers instead of gloves.

Administration is encouraging for supply by the fruit vendors at their
places. For present practice, permission is required from DC., which
he is not permitting.

Already at least residents in 3 houses are quarantined in
the campus. There is need to plan for some isolation rooms and make
shift hospital which can be used in case of emergency. At least one
Guest House may be planned for isolation purpose. It will reduce our
dependency on the hospitals for non-critical cases. Also, some
Personnel Protective Equipment for staff can be purchased to serve
isolated members in case they get COVID-19 positive.

DUTIES ASSIGNED: CMO Dr. Devinder Dhawan.

ACTION: As replied by CMO, It is not feasible to convert guest-house
room into an isolation room as all medical equipments including
ventilator are required. Even it is not feasible for self quarantine.

There is need to take permission from Chandigarh
Administration for opening the Health Centre. Only patients with
emergent condition should approach the health centre and medicine will
not provided by health centre during these days. Medicine can be
purchased from the Administration notified chemist and later on the
same will be reimbursed. Health centre service needs to be regulated
in order to maintain social distances. Centre remains open from
10:00AM-12:00 Noon, there is need to regulate the entry by line system
and maintaining the social distance. Two-Three security guards be
deployed to maintain the order.

DUTIES ASSIGNED: CMO Dr. Devinder Dhawan.

ACTION: As replied by CMO, he has already discussed with DHS regarding
opening the BGJ institute of Health only for essential services and
not for OPD.

In case of emergency and usage of Health Centre by residents
of the Sector-25, vehicle from Gate Number # 3 be In case of emergency
and usage of Health Centre by residents of the Sector-25, vehicle from
Gate Number # 3 be allowed the entry.

DUTIES ASSIGNED: CUS Prof. Ashwani Kaul.

ACTION: Already Done

Open areas in the campus should be Dis-infected regularly
using spray/ fogging etc. Priority should be given to areas in and
around the vendors points.

DUTIES ASSIGNED: Fogging by DE (Horticulture); Disinfection by CMO Dr. Dhawan.

ACTION: In Process

Hostels where residents are still staying should be cleaned
regularly while maintaining the social/ physical distance. Permission
for cleaning staff to be taken from DC.


ACTION: Permission has been sought from DC, response still awaited

In the campus, a Lane Leader in every Lane of houses can be
identified to interact with appropriate authorities in the university
for exigencies. They can further interact with nearby residents.

DUTIES ASSIGNED: Prof. Devinder Singh to ensure

ACTION: Advisory in this regard may be issued

Some students are staying in the hostels. They have some
experimental plants/ animals etc. which are in the Botanical Garden/
Animal House. One student may be allowed to take care of the same/OR
Horticulture department may take care of the same. Due permission of
DC may be taken for the same.

ACTION: We can wait for earlier permission and then Follow up could be made

Campus houses may need some urgent maintenance like water
blocking, electricity problem etc. So, the maintenance staff be
suggested to follow Standard Operating Procedure while going into the
houses for maintenance.


ACTION: We can wait for earlier permission and then Follow up could be made

6. Social/ Physical distance of at least 1 meter be maintained between
one another while going outside keeping all precautions as per guide
This is being advised from medical point of view.
Chandigar March 27, 2020

Measures for online teaching by UIET

Prof Savita Gupta, Director,UIET informed that the faculty members of
UIET nowadays are using online methods for teaching. Online platforms
like Zoom, Cisco WebEx, google classroom are used by some faculty
members to schedule and conduct interactive classes.

Some faculty members are helping the students by providing custom
designed course content or content through MOOCs on Swayam, NPTEL and
Coursera portals.

The doubts and queries of the students are addressed through emails
and whatsapp groups. Further all the coordinators have been requested
to prepare a comprehensive plan for the engagement of the students
through online teaching-learning mode and explore the possibility to
conduct tests and quizzes online.

The overall response of the students to teaching and learning through
online technologies has been found to be encouraging,she added


Online teaching by Microbiology , PU

Prof.Kusum Harjai,Chairperson ,Department of Microbiology,
Panjab University, Chandigarh informed that due to closure of PU in wake of Corona Virus threat, online teaching methods/modes are being adopted by the faculty of microbiology .Thes include:
--- Assignments in the form of Power Point Presentation (PPT) of the topics is being sent to the students by email along with teaching material including book chapters ,journal articles,link to the You tube lectures.
--- The Topics are then virtually discussed and queries related to each topic are submitted and solved either through Skype or WhatsApp Video conferencing or email depending on students access to internet.
---- Links of the study material of concerned courses which are available on Swayam course of MHRD is also being shared with students through email or WhatsApp groups.
All the students are showing interest and are very enthusiastically participating in it ,she added