CHANDIGARH,25.03.20-After the lockdown and clamp of curfew in Chandigarh, I have received numerous calls and messages for no supply of foods/vegetables in many sectors. The harried senior citizens called repeatedly the mobile numbers of designated staff of Municipal Corporation but most of the time phone was found busy or switched off. So there was no supply of vegetables and Fruits till writing of this email in many sectors.We fully well understand the compulsions of administration but quick arrangements could have been made or at least residents should have been informed fully well.

Not only this when I called almost two dozen senior citizens, it was found that oldies staying alone or couples are suffering the most because they are not getting their maids, attendant or drivers. In one case children are gone abroad and unable to come to India, couple is feeling loneliness and helplessness. Another super senior citizen whose attendant is not able to help him,due to curfew, is also suffering. There are other cases also in Sector 11, Sector 37 and Sector 27 where senior and super senior citizens need help. The undersigned, president of Second Innings Association and other members are ready to help but due to Social Distancing we are not able to reach people physically. This is a very serious situation where administration has to step in and help these people immediately.

We the members of Second Innings Association are willing to help such cases and co-operate with administration in whatever way possible instead of feeling helpless in this crisis. Our suggestion is that all the disabled and weak super senior citizens may be permitted one para medical, male attendant or maid to attend to them as if they need medical help. The maid/attendant/staff may allocated to various zones of the city who should remain available over the call only to these senior citizens. Even a nurse who are serving the patients can also be deputed on payment basis for helping these persons. Also there is a urgent need for identifying a nodal officer with WhatsApp number to attend to the problems of such senior citizens. As there are about 800 identified such senior citizens in Chandigarh who are either staying alone or couple without their immediate family.

The administration has to step in to act on the concern shown herein

For Second Innings Association

R K Garg


M 9872692400