Chandigarh,24/03/2020-The Panjab University Security is taking all necessary steps for ensuring the safety of students and residents in the campus.

Prof Ashwini Kaul, Chief University Security informed that the security personnel are working round the clock in maintaining vigil in the campus. Since all the departments of PU are closed, enhanced surveillance is being done to control any untoward incident in the present situation.

He informed that entry is strictly restricted at Gate number 2 only after ensuring the whereabouts of the concerned person and Gate number 1 and 3 are closed for the time being. Even help of Chandigarh Police is being taken for ensuring the unnecessary movement of people in the campus to contain the spread of Covid19 in the campus.

The security personnel are taking care by wearing masks and use of sanitizer since this is the first line of defence against Covid infection. Prof Kaul expressed his thanks to Prof Rohit Sharma, Chemistry department for providing the same to PU security.