New Delhi,17.03.20-: Flower exhibition by Dae Hwa Flower Association –tittle as ‘An Outgoing of Collage’ is back in Delhi, - an annual exhibition organized at Korean Cultural Centre India. Students and teacher of the flower arrangement class present their latest artworks. The exhibition is on view till 20th March 2020 and is open for all from 09:00 am to 05:00pm.

This year exhibition has used applied collage technique visually on floral design to show how the formative characteristics of collage is being applied on actual floral design.

By applying collage technique on floral design where it destructs the subject to reanalyze and give alteration to diverse expression of different meanings. This attempt not only have pursued new modeling, open up for use of new materials and also, allow expansion to inartistic domain through conception, attempt and experiment.

Even though the collage and floral design is contrary to each other in terms that former is a representative visual art on a flat surface and latter being a representative of three-dimensional characteristic, both had many similarities.

These similarities allow the collage technique of visual art being applied to floral design which gives possibilities to new modeling methods of artwork. Hence, the characteristic of expression from collage can be extracted from visual art genre which works as a guideline to new artwork and expression techniques of floral design.

20 Artists including Korean and Indian, together displayed 22 Art works. Unique in its own way the exhibit at the Dark Room by Tramy Van & Choo Souw Hwa, is inspired by the love story in the Legend of the White Snake. Put together with the animated movie, the exhibit seeks to portray a slice of the deep but episodic romance between the protagonists. The use of fiber paper, with its unique combination of exceptional attractiveness and fragility, represent the beauty but also the ultimate impermanence of love.

Mi Ryung Maeng came up with ‘6th Life Story’ with the use of Rubber coated wire, Artificial Tulip, Printed paper, Glass Ball, Cactus, Stainless Bowl, Pearl. Artwork of Jung Ae Kim ‘Sue Han’ had beautiful expressions with usage of Bamboo object, Rubber coated wire, Pearl, A paper carton, Roses, Caspia, Sun flowers. Eunok choi’s ‘Pearly Shells, Chloris’ had rubber coated wire, Styrofoam, glitter powder, Roses, Pearl in it.

Similarly Young Ran Kwon presented ‘Lucky bag,Ritu Bhatiani , Hridhya showcased ’Lovers den, Mi Ryung Maeng’s ‘Lake’, Eun Ok Choi, Young Ran Kwon’s ‘Achiara, Jung Nan Jung’s ‘Sunset’, Ji Un Rhee’s ‘Flower Baby’, Jung Nan Jung’s ‘Gift’ , Hee Ja Lim’s ‘Nostalgia’, Jung Mi Lee’s ‘Memory’ , Yoon Hee Noh’s ‘Rose in the Heaven’, Woon Kyung Yang’s ‘Sunset’ Jung Nan Jung’s ‘Wing of Hope’, Yoon Hee Noh, Ji Un Rhee, Hee Ja Lim presented ‘Ordinary day’, Mi Kyeong Lee, Young Ju Lee and Sung Hee Oh presented ‘Rest’, Hyun A Roh’s ‘Nostalgia’ Ha Young So came up with ‘Happiness’, Bo Mi So artwork presented ‘Spring is coming’. Other than this the 2 Group work’s ‘New beginning’ and ‘Blessing’ had emotional stories to convey.

Both usage of fresh and dried flowers, different plants, some synthetic materials along with decorative materials were used in the exhibition which ranged from Rubber coated wire, Artificial Tulip, Printed paper, Glass Ball, Cactus, Stainless Bowl, paper cartons, Canvas, Acrylic paint, Moss, Tarpaulin, Brick, water will, fog device, fountain, Golden Battle brush, Erika, Sunny Smar Lotus and more.